JuneYao Airlines Opened Two Direct Flights to Kaohsiung & Taipei
ReleaseDate: 2013-11-18

Recently, JuneYao Airlines will open two direct flights from Shanghai to Taiwan, including the flight from Shanghai to Kaohsiung that starts from November 1 and is scheduled on three days of the week (Wednesday, Friday & Sunday) and the flight from Shanghai to Taipei that starts from December 1 and is scheduled on five days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday).

This marks the first time for a private airline company in Chinese mainland to carry out flight business since 2009 when direct flights were scheduled on a regular basis across Taiwan Straits. The opening of these two flights will further promote the non-governmental exchange across Taiwan Straits, facilitate trade, economic and cultural exchanges between Shanghai and Taiwan and have special and significant meaning for serving the tourists from both Shanghai and Taiwan. Chairman of JuneYao Airlines Wang Junjin, Inspector of Taiwan Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Mr. Ji Ping and First Vice President of Shanghai Taiwan Compatriots’ Investments & Enterprise Society Li Zhenghong made opening remarks and participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony with special guests present for the maiden Shanghai-Kaohsiung flight.

On the opening ceremony for maiden Shanghai-Kaohsiung flight, Chairman of JuneYao Airlines Wang Junjin said, JuneYao Airlines started applying for direct flights in June. After months of efforts, the direct flight permit was obtained in October. As a private airlines company, JuneYao Airlines now stands ready to engage in the cross-straits flight business not only because there are numerous market opportunities and development potential in Taiwan-bound flight business, but also because the party and the government have shown greater support and care for the development of the private enterprises. In particular, the private enterprises have faced new opportunities since the convening of the 18th National CPC Congress.

It is reported that JuneYao Airlines plans to use Airbus A-320 airplanes for Kaohsiung and Taipei flights. During opening period of such flights, JuneYao Airlines will not only intensify its traditional marketing tools but also strengthen its marketing efforts on the new media. And award Q&A for free ticket will be organized on its official website, mobile app “E Flight”, official Weibo account and WeChat account.