From Faith Comes Infinite Motivation
ReleaseDate: 2013-11-18

Since the national ideal and faith education campaign for participants of non-public economy was launched by the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee and All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, the leading team has received 70 pioneering models from across the country through the top-down recommendation process in a credible, comparable and learnable way. With multiple benchmarks at play, including personal qualities, social influence, enterprise scale, achievements on scientific development, entrepreneurial social responsibility and corporate contributions to the society, a total of six entrepreneurs have been chosen as role models for showing socialist faith promoted by this campaign, representing the private enterprise sector and serving as inspirational figures of the nation. After the approval from the CPC Central Committee, the seminar on the national socialist ideal and faith education campaign for participants of non-public economy was grandly held in the Great Hall of the People on October 30, 2013. This meeting was presided by Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Director of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee Ling Jihua. During the meeting, CPPCC Chairman Yu Zhengsheng delivered a keynote speech. And the six role models also made their own speeches, including Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin, Chairman of Legend Holdings Ltd. Liu Chuanzhi and Chairman of Chint Group Nan Cunhui. The following is the speech delivered by Mr. Wang Junjin:

My hometown is Dayu Township, Cangnan County, Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province. If it weren’t for the calling of the reform and opening-up policy that inspired us ordinary folks to start our own enterprise and pursue our dream, I might still be an ordinary fisherman just like my forefathers. Today, JuneYao Group has become a modern service group with air transport and commercial retailing as its main businesses and education as the affiliated business. Looking back my entrepreneurial experience in the past 20 years, I often wonder what on earth has changed my fate, given me a chance to shine and made me successful in my business.

In the 1980s, the three brothers of my family started to run our own business. But the biggest trouble for Wenzhou people at that time was the inconvenient transport conditions. Many people had their business in Changsha, and usually it could take more than 30 hours for them to get back to Wenzhou even if they chartered a bus. If the bus can be chartered, why not charter an airplane? So we decided to overcome all sorts of obstacles to achieve the chartered flight . And Cangnan County People’s Government provided us credit guarantee at that crucial moment. When we got the more than 100 official stamps we needed, we opened the Changsha-Wenzhou chartered flight which was also the first privately-run chartered flight in China. On July 28, 1991, the chartered plane took off. It was sensational news at that time. The press called us “audacious”. Soon we had more than 55 flight routes, even flights to Hong Kong. The charted flight business “threw us a bone”. The reform and opening-up policy gave us courage and the expansive Chinese market gave us enormous opportunities. We believed that we would definitely create a wonderful future if we could stay the course.

In 2005, the central government loosened restrictions on private capital in the aviation industry. And we seized the opportunity and set up JuneYao Airlines. In September 2006, the first flight from Changsha became a reality. We became the first private airline company to fly above the sky, a good end to our “flying dream”. Today JuneYao Airlines has the youngest crews in China and operates more than 60 flight routes between major cities both home and abroad. Last year only, JuneYao Airlines carried a total of 5.30 million person-times, maintained a sound safety record and sustained profitability. This made me feel the enormous potential that is coupled with China’s development and the possibility of realizing my own dream in a greater world. Recently, we have been preparing to set up an economy-class airlines company in Guangzhou to extend our services to a broader range of customers.

The development of an enterprise is always marked by various setbacks, difficulties and challenges. In 2004, my older brother Wang Junyao passed away. And the Group faced turbulent times. My elder brother was the pillar of the company. He died young, leaving his company and family behind at a critical time. At that time, I stood up to the test, worrying that too much media attention might cause adverse effects for the company, that the shareholders might sell out their shares during the critical time of a tender offer on “Dasha Shares” and that the dream of three brothers could not go any further. Under such circumstances, I brought up with a proposal, saying that JuneYao Group will always “stick with its ideas, maintains its brand and shoulders its social responsibility”. We issued a Letter to All Shareholders immediately and called a press conference. We visited various party and government agencies and other important business partners. In the end, we won the recognition of the society with our candor and open attitude. What was most unforgettable to us was that, during the most difficult times of JuneYao Group, the leaders from the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce and other departments asked about our troubles during early hours. The party and government departments in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Hubei also visited us to show their support for us. With the support of the people from all walks of life, JuneYao Group overcame the difficulties in the end. After handling with this crisis, I started to have even greater confidence for the development prospect of the company, feel more indebted to the party and the government and see more hope in the development path of China.

After my elder brother passed away, I became aware of the importance of creating a sustainable development philosophy and mechanism for the company. And “creating a century-old enterprise” then became a top priority for me to purse sound development of JuneYao Group.

Creating a “century-old enterprise” means that, you have to have the values, ideas, thinking and rules of a century-old enterprise. You need to plan for the long run and avoid purely short-term gains. You need to consider the interests of the customers, employees, shareholders and the society during the development of your business. In my opinion, only by aiming high can an enterprise have a long-lasting foundation and become socially responsible.

At present, our investments are made in the principle of fulfilling social responsibility and promoting social progress. We’re developing our industry by benefiting the society. Starting from the China Glory Society Three Gorges Tour, JuneYao Group has invested billions of RMB in developing the industry in remote, poverty-stricken areas and the Three Gorges Area and provided job opportunities to thousands of relocated residents due to the Three Gorges Dam Project to benefit local communities for the past more then ten years. In 2005, we followed the tide of educational reform and converted two public schools into private schools by providing creative international and national courses and improving teaching approaches with the goal of building a “century-old school”. This year, we have another two public schools in Shanghai under our trusteeship, opened a branch school in Hangzhou, Zhejiang to promote balanced development of quality education in the region by pooling all available resources. We also opened more flights from Shanghai to remote areas such as Liancheng in Fujian Province and Bijie in Guizhou Province.

Over the years, I’ve always lived on faith, trust and confidence promoted by the ideal and faith education campaign all along the way. You can always come up with rational thinking the right solutions after dealing with occasional setbacks. In my opinion, the reform and opening-up program is a profound revolution. All the institutional problems we are faced on road ahead are problems that are usually brought by development and succeeded by progress. Such problems can be solved by relentlessly deepening reform. For years, I have identified the problems faced by the private enterprises during development and the difficulties that have come along with deepening reform. I have submitted my proposals and contributed to the problem-solving process in my capacity as NPC deputy or CPPCC member. For example, some of my proposals have obtained good response from relevant national departments such as Carrying Out Deposit Insurance System to Provide Institutional Guarantees for Developing Private Financial Institutions and Further Loosening Up Policy Restrictions to Spur Private Investments.

Looking back at the development course of the company and my personal growth story, I feel deeply that one person and one enterprise have limited strength. I’m like one seed buried in the fertile land of China before growing into a tall tree. The dream of “creating a century-old enterprise” can only become true if China maintains stability and moves towards prosperity. This faith is source of motivation for the development of JuneYao Group!