Shanghai Party Chief Han Zheng Visits JuneYao Group
ReleaseDate: 2013-11-18

On the morning of October 15, a delegation led by Han Zheng, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Party Secretary of Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee, visited JuneYao Group. Accompanied by Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin, he inspected the Business Incubation Exhibition Hall of JuneYao Group. Mr. Wang made a presentation of the JuneYao Group to Mr. Han. Member of the Standing Committee of Shanghai CPC Committee and Secretary-General of Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee Yin Hong and other leaders also participated in the visit.

During the inspection, Wang Junjin made a detailed introduction to the development status of the main businesses of JuneYao Group - aviation and commercial retailing and shared the history of JuneYao Group, from charter flight in 1991 and becoming a shareholder of Wuhan Branch of China Eastern Airlines to the creation of JuneYao Airlines in 2006. Today, JuneYao Airlines has more brand new airplanes, the youngest flight crews, sound flight safety record and sustainable profitability. Now it is running more than 60 air routes between major cities both home and abroad. By 2015, the total number of airplanes will reach 50; by 2020, the total number of airplanes will reach 100. JuneYao Airlines also has plans for purchasing wide-body airplanes for operations in Shanghai and being part of the development process of Shanghai International Hub Airport. Wang Junjin also shared his views on the new achievements of the company’s educational business and the requirements for further improving modern services in the future. JuneYao will actively participate in the development of Shanghai International Financial Center and reinvent itself into a century-old enterprise with highflying aviation, educational, commercial and financial dreams.

After hearing the introductions, Mr. Han firstly expressed his gratitude for JuneYao Group for its contribution to Shanghai’s development. He said, “You have been very pragmatic and kept a low profile. But you’re seeing real results. You need to keep up that spirit. The construction of the four-center projects in Shanghai requires all enterprises participated to be market-oriented and competitiveness-oriented. Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government will support the development of such Enterprises. The contribution to the development of Shanghai made by enterprises like JuneYao is highly appreciated.”

Mr. Han added: “it was a bold move for JuneYao Group to get involved in the aviation business. It is pretty amazing that a privately-owned airline company can develop into what it is today. We will always stand by your side. JuneYao Airlines is an airline company that has taken its root in Shanghai. I wish that JuneYao will have a brighter future.”