Constant Innovation and Transformation & Improved Competitiveness
ReleaseDate: 2014-01-13

On the afternoon of December 27, JuneYao Group Annual Work Conference was held at its Headquarters Building in Shanghai, where six business divisions, including JuneYao Airlines, Commercial Mansion Group, World Foreign Language Middle School, World Foreign Language Primary School, JuneYao Dairy and JuneYao Real Estate each made a summary report on their work in 2013 and work plan for 2014. President Wang Junhao made a speech and Chairman of the Board Wang Junjin made an annual work report. At the conference, top 10 events of JuneYao Group in 2013 were revealed and 10 outstanding builders of “century-old brand” and 12 outstanding employees were commended. The conference was hosted by Chen Li, vice president and Party secretary of JuneYao Group.

The report showed that JuneYao Airlines had a steady operation in 2013 with steady growth in overall economic performance and an annual operating revenue of about RMB 5.9 billion yuan. JuneYao Airlines proposed a strategic positioning of a high-value company (HVC) and five strategic directions, including high-quality service, vigorous brand, cost advantage, talent development and opportunities and developed 22 strategic actions based on this.

Despite a severe downturn in macro economy and the impact of constant change in consumption pattern and new business trends, Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group exceeded the sales threshold of RMB 10 billion yuan through joint efforts of all its staff.

World Foreign Language Middle School and World Foreign Language Primary School took the social responsibility of offering high-quality education to the whole society and held in trust two weak schools in Kangjian area in Xuhui District and World Foreign Language Primary School opened Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School (Hangzhou) in Gongshu District, Hangzhou. Besides, World Foreign Language Middle School set up a course R&D center and made remarkable achievement in course integration.

JuneYao Dairy wrote an wonderful story of old trees sprouting. After a long wait, JuneYao Dairy achieved significant growth in sales and profits in 2013, opening up the company’s megamarketing strategy.

JuneYao Real Estate is ready for take-off by further clarifying the management relationship between the Group’s real estate project department and the project company. 2013 was positioned as a year of initialization of projects, when projects in Yichang and Wuhan were determined. And 2014 has been determined as a year of implementation.

Group President Wang Junhao shared his understanding about Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. He hoped that all the staff could combine “wisdom” with “promotion” and “intelligence” with “childishness”, constantly improve their spirits and always maintain a kind, most authentic and curiosity of children because there would be no innovation without curiosity or questions. He encouraged all the staff to be intelligent children who know about Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism to satisfy our customers, employees, shareholders and the society, to practice the company’s mission and values and build our company into an international century-old one in the modern service industry.

Group Chairman Wang Junjin made a report with the theme of “constant innovation and transformation & improved competitiveness”. He pointed out that a century-old enterprise should make constant progress and upgrade and improve its ideas and values to keep up with the times. “Today’s advance doesn't’ represent tomorrow’s. How can we advance before others tomorrow? How can we adjust and develop in tomorrow’s reform and constantly build a highland in the industry? This depends on whether we can keep up with the times or not.” He stressed that it seemed that the Group has made some progress, but we still have a long way to go. “Our century-old enterprise doesn't’ survive only 100 years and our modern service group is not modern enough. Our future is not a dream; we have expectations.” He also encouraged all the staff to act, think, change and improve their core competitiveness to make the dream of a century-old enterprise come true and only by doing so could we all feel contented and have an increased income.

The conference was also attended by leaders such as Group Director Wang Han, Vice President Xu Biao, You Yongshi, Dong Lijia, Gao Binghua and Jiang Hailong and Executive Vice Chairman Wang Xiaoping of World Foreign Language Primary School, staff from the Group Headquarters, faculty from the schools, heads of some industrial departments and over 100 outstanding staff representatives.

Chairman Wang Junjin is making a keynote speech.