JuneYao Dairy Reaped “Good Start” in the New Year
ReleaseDate: 2014-03-06

JuneYao Dairy made a good start in the New Year, in the month of January which was usually an off season for beverage sales, JuneYao “Werdery” products experienced a leap in sales, the sales volume recorded significant increase compared to the same period last year, which enabled over-fulfillment of sales and profit quota.

The satisfactory performance of New Year good start laid down foundation for JuneYao Dairy’s development in 2014, the flourishing New Year beginning brought higher passion and momentum to the dairy team.

Keeping pace with the brisk sales of JuneYao “Werdery”, the “Werdery” product’s serial advertisements are also popular on major satellite TV programs during the Spring Festival period. The first season advertisement adopted the theme of “Dynamic rabbit and lion dance to celebrate the New Year”, the flourishingly festive advertisement scenes brought rich festive atmosphere to each household, it let consumers remember its catch phrase —— “Bringing exercise to your intestines”, and prompted more consumers to monitor and love this product.

It has been learned that the second season of “Werdery” products’ serial advertisement is now under production, which will be presented to the audience in the form of turtle and rabbit racing story in the near future.

Photo: “Werdery” advertisement presents festive lion dance to celebrate the New Year.