Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School Won FTC Championship
ReleaseDate: 2014-04-11

In FTC China held in March, Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School won the championship to become the grand champion of 2014 FTC China. The school will participate in FTC global finals in the UnitedState on behalf of Chinese students. Besides, the team of ShanghaiWorldForeignLanguageMiddle School also won Enlightenment Spirit Award (the highest award of FTC) due to their excellent performance.

Previously, robot team 1 and robot team 2 from ShanghaiWorldForeignLanguageMiddle School participated in 2014 FTC East China Robot Contest in Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Suzhou. Based on their good understanding and exquisite design of robot mechanical and electrical structure, they won thechampion of East China Contest and were promoted to participate in FTC China Robot Contest.

It is reported that robots designed by contestants are required to complete actions like grasping a cube, flag raising, hanging and others within the specified time limit. The team from ShanghaiWorldForeignLanguageMiddle School designed bucket and sticky trap grasping actions. In the contest, the robot designed by the team steadily and efficiently grasped 4 cubes and put into the basket every time and was highly praised by judges due to its outstanding performance.

FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) Robot Contest is an international robot contest organized for senior middle schools with the largest scale and the highest level in the United States. Students are required to applyscientific and technological concepts learnt in the classroom to real engineering to address various problems. In addition to cultivating scientific and technological creativity of students, the contest also requires good team work, presentation skills and commercial awareness.

ShanghaiWorldForeignLanguageMiddle School team and their robot .