ShanghaiWorldForeignLanguagePrimary School Won the First Prize
ReleaseDate: 2014-04-11

The 27th Odyssey of the Mind Shanghai, China and the 35th Odyssey of the Mind China final was held in Shanghai recently. 481 teams from colleges, middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens from 13 provinces and cities (including Shanghai, Beijing, etc.) and from Singapore and South Korea participated in the contest. 7 primary school students at the 5th grade from PYP branch of ShanghaiWorldForeignLanguagePrimary School participated in the contest and won the first prize in the category of primary school teams.

Odyssey of the Mind this year has 6 subjects. The team of ShanghaiWorldForeignLanguagePrimary School selected the subject “Seeing is believing”. Based on this subject, contestants ride on their imagination to create a story about a “boasting country” where every one tells lies. The princess is damned to be unable to speak due to heavy boasting of the citizens.

For this contest, the panel of judges emphasizes that the subjects shall fully embody contestants’ comprehensive strength and ability to address actual problems. Through play creation, props production, composing and performing and other preparatory work, team members from ShanghaiWorldForeignLanguagePrimary School sufficiently embodied their active innovation ability and tacit team work. Their play was composed in strict accordance with contest requirements. Besides, they also applied electricity and gravity theories which would actually be introduced in the middle school for the fabrication of the “mobile device”. They also designed and produced a power unit which can move without external force.