Wang Junjin to Focus on Development after NPC & CPPCC Attendance
ReleaseDate: 2014-04-11

Recently, Chairman of Juneyao Group Wang Junjin made deployment on future development of the company on the high-level regular meeting of the group. He emphasized to strengthen the main business, enhance the modernity and to achieve excellent performance in the new round of reform process.

In late March, after participating NPC&CPPCC and going back to Shanghai from Beijing, NPC delegate and Chairman of Juneyao Group Wang Junjin led members of private bank pilot work team and Jiuyuan Airlines preparatory team to carry out preparation work orderly. The establishment of the two new projects will endow new connotation to the century-old Juneyao group which is engaged in the modern service industry.

Mr. Wang attended the 2nd session of the 12th NPC in Beijing from Mar. 5 to Mar. 13 for which he prepared 5 proposals independently and co-prepared 8 bills. During the NPC, Mr. Wang earnestly performed his duty to actively give suggestions and advices. He listened to and deliberated the Government Work Report, the Work Report of the Standing Committee of NPC, and NPC& CPPCC work report. During this period, based on profound deliberation of the Government Work Report, Mr. Wang obtained firmer faith in the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the promising future of reform in China. With firm trust to the government, he built up stronger confidence on enterprise development. He believes that private enterprises will usher in another spring in the new round of reform.

Mr. Wang said that to implement the eight provisions of the central committee, NPC &CPPCC this year reduced a lot of social engagement, but the workload of the meetings was not reduced. Delegates deliberated various materials in the daytime and read meeting materials, modified proposals and prepared group presentations at night. The work was quite intense.

During the meeting, Mr. Wang was arranged to attend “NPC &CPPCC” live studio on Mar. 3 organized by the Eastday ( for online communication with netizens on "reform, innovation, people’s livelihood” and other related topics. On Mar. 8, Mr. Wang participated in the online interview themed "actively development of mixed ownership economy" hosted by the news center of the 2nd session of the 12th NPC to answer questions concerned by netizens together with the Chairman Liu Mingzhong of the state-owned enterprise Jihua Group and the Chairman Lu Guiqing of China Construction Fifth Engineering Division Co., Ltd. Live broadcast was made for this activity on 12 websites, including,,,, and During the meeting, Mr. Wang also revealed interviews by more than 30 media, including People's Daily, Economic Daily,, and Jiefang Daily.

After returning from “NPC& CPPCC”, Mr. Wang communicated and shared his experience in attending “NPC& CPPCC” at various occasions, including the General Office of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, the United Front Work Department of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, the Federation of Industry and Commerce and others and expressed his confidence in further enterprise development. He said that the golden opportunity for Juneyao Group to participate in private bank pilot work should be attributed to the overall deployment of the 18th NCP and the 18th Third Plenary Session on the comprehensive deepening of financial system reform and also the reform pilot work of China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone. He further expressed that the group would make sound preparatory work as per requirements of China Banking Regulatory Commission and other regulatory authorities and would make endeavor to pass preparatory approval.

It is reported that Jiuyuan Airlines Co., Ltd., held by Juneyao Airlines as a low-cost airline with the selling point of low-price tickets, has been formally approved by CACC after the expiry of the publicity period and has been approved to be established in Guangzhou. The first session of shareholders meeting of Jiuyuan was convened in Shanghai recently. Its preparatory work has won great support from various authorities of Guangzhou. The preparatory team is full of confidence for first flight this year.

General Secretary Xi Jinping: How about the industrial layout of Juneyao Group?

[NPC& CPPCC feature]

General Secretary Xi Jinping: How about the industrial layout of Juneyao Group?

On the afternoon of Mar. 5, General Secretary Xi Jinping met NPC Shanghai delegation to deliberate work report together with delegates. General Secretary said, “It has been over 3 years since I went to Shanghai last time. However, I met you and communicated with delegates from Shanghai during each session of ‘NPC& CPPCC’ and I’m very happy to see you.” His words warmed the hearts of the delegates. Secretary Han Zheng said, “We will make all efforts for the construction and management of China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone in the new year.”

After deliberation on work report, General Secretary Xi shook hands to say goodbye to every delegate. General Secretary Xi shook hands with Wang Junjin and asked “How about the nationwide industrial layout of Juneyao Group?” Wang Junjin answered his question. Recalling that scene, Mr. Wang is still excited. He says, “In spite of busy national work, General Secretary Xi still remembered Juneyao. That warmed my heart and strengthened my confidence in our development.”

During “NPC& CPPCC” last year, General Secretary Xi also participated in the deliberation of Shanghai delegation. At the end of the deliberation, he asked Wang Junjin, “Are you still producing milk?” “Yes, and we’ve also been engaged in the airline industry.” Wang Junjin answered. Secretary Han Zheng added “His airline company is running very well.”