Yin Yicui Visited JunYao Group and Talked about the Development of Private Education
ReleaseDate: 2014-05-08

To enhance close relations with the NPC deputies in Shanghai, some members of the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, led by Yin Yicui, NPC Deputy and Director of the standing committee of the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress (MPC), visited the headquarters of JunYao Group that NPC Deputy Wang Junjin works with and the subordinate World Foreign Language Primary School (WFLPS) and World Foreign Language Middle School (WFLMS) on the afternoon of April 24 to learn about his job and industry situation and listen to his advice and suggestions about relevant work.

On that day, accompanied by NPC Deputy and Chairman of Board of JunYao Group Wang Junjin, Yin Yicui and her delegation first visited JunYao Group’s WFLPS and WFLMS and then had a discussion at JunYao Group’s headquarters, listening to Wang Junjin’s sharing of actively developing private economy by conscientiously implementing the spirits of the NPC. Wang shared in detail the overall development of JunYao Group with focus on the new achievements of JunYao Airlines and private education, the Group’s progress in pilot participation in private banks as well as its thinking on further transforming and improving the connotations of the modern service industry

Wang Junjin said that in terms of the reform and development of private education, we need more innovative thinking and measures and should be in the forefront of education reform by actively exploring and innovating quality education and developing new school-running models, so as to enable the whole society to see the profound meaning of private education in promoting education reform. Meanwhile, WFLPS and WFLMS should undertake more social responsibilities by considering how to further expanding its education. “The achievements of WFLPS and WFLMS only demonstrate the development of education on a small scale. If their international teaching ideas and development results can be spread all over the country, then it will be the development of education on a large scale. For example, we have been trusted to manage Shanghai Kangjian Foreign Language Experimental Primary School and Shanghai Kangjian Foreign Language Experimental Middle School. This is something we are willing to try.”

Wang Xiaoping and Luo Peiming made suggestions from the perspectives of teachers, investors and the school and hoped that the Private Education Promotion Law could be revised. They believed that teachers of private schools have devoted their lifetime to nurturing the students for the country and should be entitled to the same retirement treatment as the teachers of public schools. They also thought that the national policies should encourage more people to support private education by providing appropriate material or spiritual rewards to the investors, such as returning the investment principal on a yearly basis to motivate the participation of more entrepreneurs passionate on education. Moreover, they suggested that the financial systems of private education should be improved and that the schools should be allowed to maintain some financial balance at the end of each year to pay the teachers’ salaries in the first quarter of next year and handle some uncontrollable factors.

Yin Yicui fully acknowledged the achievements that JunYao Group has made in recent years and its role in private education and poverty alleviation projects. She said, “What you are doing is highly consistent with the development of Shanghai. It’s fair to say that JunYao Group is doing practical things and making contributions. Hopefully, you can continue to make active contributions to the development of the modern service industry in Shanghai.”

When talking of the development of private education, Yin Yicui said, “There are not a few private schools in Shanghai, but only a few of them have developed into branded schools and are continuing to develop. WFLPS and WFLMS have been making progress, which at least shows that the schools are running well. Private schools are a reflection of the market. Today, the people are looking forward to sending their children to WFLPS and WFLMS, which is a symbol of their future success. We are delighted to see the progress of the schools. What you are concerned about are textbooks and teaching and how to do well in the two things, which is good. We expect that WFLPS and WFLMS can do more work for the city’s education in this regard.” In terms of policies about private education, Yin Yicui said, “We will create a good legislative environment to promote better development of schools.”

The visit was accompanied by leaders including Xue Mingyang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai MPC and Director of the Education, Science, Culture and Health Committee of the Shanghai MPC, Zhang Chen, Member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai MPC and Deputy Director of the Education, Science, Culture and Health Committee of the Shanghai MPC, Xu Yi, Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai MPC, Zheng Haisheng, Deputy Director of the Personnel Representative Committee of the Shanghai MPC and Ni Yinliang, Deputy Director of the Research Office of the Shanghai MPC. The leaders were received by JunYao Group’s President Wang Junhao, Secretary of the Party Committee Chen Li, WFLPS’s Deputy Chairman of the Board Wang Xiaoping and WFLMS’s Deputy Chairman of the Board Luo Peiming.

Caption: Yin Yicui (middle) and her delegation visited the JunYao Start-up Showroom. Chairman of the Board Wang Junjin (left) shared the development history of JunYao Group.