JuneYao Teams up with One Foundation to Initiate a Corporate Disaster Relief Platform
ReleaseDate: 2014-06-25

JuneYao Group’s JuneYao Airlines recently sent representatives to Ya’an to participate the 1st Anniversary of the April 20th Lushan Earthquake at the invitation of One Foundation, deeply mourning the victims and martyrs killed in the earthquake relief work. Meanwhile, One Foundation teamed up with 10 warm-hearted enterprises including JuneYao Group, Coca-Cola China, COFCO, Alibaba and Tencent to initiate the Corporate Disaster Relief Platform of One Foundation. In case of major disasters, the participating enterprises would promptly allocate supplies and logistics systems to support the disaster relief work by using their advantages.

In line with the initiation of the Corporate Disaster Relief Platform of One Foundation, the representatives of warm-hearted enterprises such as JuneYao Group returned to the disaster-hit areas to visit the light steel anti-seismic houses, One Foundation Music Classroom and One Foundation Children Service Station reconstructed with the support of One Foundation. After seeing delightful changes in one year of reconstruction of the disaster-hit areas, such as sufferers gradually moving into their new homes and children growing up healthily under the care of volunteers, the representatives felt quite pleased and said that they would continue to contribute to the reconstruction work.

Enterprises often play a crucial role in natural disaster relief programs. JuneYao Group has actively implemented the corporate social responsibilities by participating in social welfare programs such as the disaster relief program initiated by One Foundation. Last year, after an earthquake hit Lushan, JuneYao Group actively responded to the government call by promptly raising supplies such as drugs, tents and jacks in urgent need for disaster relief and transporting them by air to Ya’an through JuneYao Airline. For a period of time after that, JuneYao Airline continued to voluntarily transport disaster relief supplies to the disaster-hit areas through Ya’an-Chengdu and Ya’an-Chongqing flights on a daily basis.

JuneYao Group and JuneYao Airline promise that they will constantly implement corporate social responsibilities and further play their expertise and resource advantages in disaster relief through the Corporate Disaster Relief Platform of One Foundation to provide supplies and relief services for disadvantaged groups affected by natural disasters.