9 Air Signs a 50-Boeing-Aircraft Agreement
ReleaseDate: 2014-06-25

On May 14, 9 Air abd the Boeing Company held an aircraft procurement agreement signing ceremony at Guangdong Mansion, Guangzhou, under which 9 Air would procure 50 Boeing 737-800 aircrafts and the next-generation 737MAX aircrafts at one time. It’s learned that this is by far the largest one-time procurement in the history of China’s private aviation. The 50 aircrafts are worth a total of over 6 billion USD calculated based on the catalogue price. 9 Air will receive the 50 aircrafts by 2020 and gradually put them into operation with the approval of competent regulatory authorities. 9 Air’s President Ji Guangping signed the aircraft procurement agreement with the representative of the The Boeing Company.

At the signing ceremony, Wang Junjin, Chairman of the Board of JuneYao Group and 9 Air, said that 9 Air’s signing of such a procurement order reflected their confidence in the future development of 9 Air, in 9 Air’s investment in Guangdong Province, and in the development of the low-cost airline industry in China. He pointed out that 9 Air would offer travel services with a low-cost model in the South Asian, Southeast Asian and Northeast Asian markets, and cooperate with Guangdong Airport Management Corporation to promote the construction of Baiyun International Airport as a world-level airline hub, thus providing travelers in Guangzhou and even the Pearl River Delta region with more cheap airline travel options. The successful construction of 9 Air in Guangdong has consolidated JuneYao Group’s determination and confidence in its investment in the modern service industries in Guangzhou.

President Ji Guangping revealed that the preparations for the construction of 9 Air were progressing nicely and it would try utmost to open the airline in early this August. Despite a low-cost model, 9 Air is never stingy about security investment. To ensure safe operations, the company has decided to use new Boeing 737-800 aircrafts. In the future, 9 Air will reduce the cost in many ways to benefit travelers and the estimated average price will be lower than the market price by about 20%-30%.

Leaders and guests including Xu Shaohua, a standing member of the Guangdong Provincial Committee and executive deputy governor of Guangdong Province, Chen Zhiying, a standing member of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, Ma Wentian, deputy secretary of the Baiyun District Committee of Guangzhou City, Ye Niuping, deputy secretary of the Baiyun District Committee and chief of Baiyun District, Guo Jin, consul general of the American Embassy in Guangzhou, and Tang Yi’en, deputy president of the Boeing Company presented and witnessed the signing ceremony.

Photo: Wang Junjin (fifth on the right), chairman of the Board of JuneYao Group, and Xu Shaohua (sixth on the right), a standing member of the Guangdong Provincial Committee and executive deputy governor of Guangdong Province, attend the signing ceremony.