PYP Department of World Foreign Language Primary School Ranked 4th
ReleaseDate: 2014-07-24

On May 31, local time, the 35th Odyssey of the Mind (OM) World Finals was successfully ended in the Iowa State University, the PYP Department of World Foreign Language Primary School competed against 835 participating teams from worldwide, and ranked fourth. The knowledge application ability, engineering technology ability and innovation spirit, and teamwork spirit displayed by the participating team during the competition process impressed everyone present.

The World Foreign Language Primary School is a long-time participant of the OM competition since its inception; the seven students participating in this competition are respectively Hu Junyu, Shen Jiayi, Sun Zhimian, Xuli Luyue, and Wang Zhuoya from the 5th Grade and Gu Wenxin, Yao Xintong from the 4th Grade of the PYP Department. Since the team setup by the PYP Department in September last year, led by instructors who provided competition guidance, they finally reached the world-class finals stage after more than eight months of efforts. Previously, they have taken part in the competition for three consecutive years since 2012, and in the previous two competitions they ranked top and third in China, and ranked top in the national competition in February this year.

According to insiders, Odyssey of the Mind (OM) is an international event for cultivating teenagers’ creativity. It highlights the cultivation of teenagers’ two spirits: Innovation spirit and teamwork spirit. OM contest includes long term questions and impromptu questions. Long term questions are published 6 month earlier, for which 7 members will form a team to solve the problems under guidance of the team coach; the questions involve vehicle, structure, telecommunication, environmental protection, and classical arts etc. Impromptu questions are given on the spot at the time of competition, covering language question, hands-on question and language plus hands-on mixed question.

 World Foreign Language Primary School PYP Department attended the 35th Odyssey of the Mind World Finals in the United States.