JuneYao Airlines Introduced 2 Airbus A321 Aircrafts to Prepare for Summer Transport
ReleaseDate: 2014-07-24

As the summer of 2014 approaches, JuneYao Airlines will introduce two brand-new Airbus A321 aircrafts in July to prepare for summer transport. Up till now, JuneYao Airlines has 34 aircrafts, whose average age is only 3 years. Based on summer transport flight-adding plan, JuneYao Airlines is expected to add over 600 international and domestic flights to guarantee passenger safety and continually improve service quality from all aspects.

For the summer transport this year, JuneYao Airlines will assign most of its carrying capacity to several famous tourism flight routes and popular summer international tourism flight routes such as Okinawa in Japan, and Jeju in South Korea, in an effort to expand and consolidate its domestic tourism flight routes, and develop an overall flight route deployment pattern of South China-North China, and Central China-South China across the territory of China.

Based on the geographical division of high value, and high proceeds regions in last year’s summer transport as well as the new consumption trend of passengers’ gradual shift of summer tourism destinations toward North China, in the Northwest region the company added flights on Shanghai to Xi’an to Xining, Shanghai to Yinchuan, Shanghai to Hailar, Hangzhou to Dalian to Hailar flight routes, restored daily Shanghai to Hohhot flight route; newly opened Shanghai to Xining nonstop summer resort flight route, and will newly open Guiyang, Lijiang, and South Korea Cheongju flights.

In addition to adding new routes, and adding more flights, JuneYao Airlines also paid attention to details in all service steps, diligently enhanced service quality, and introduced differentiated services.

Before the summer transport, JuneYao Airlines’ self-operated airport shuttle bus have all been installed with LED display screens and voice broadcasting system. The flight info display screen on the vehicle body reminds passengers to take the correct bus, and passengers will immediately hear heart-warming welcome address and real-time flight info after boarding the vehicle. The brand crew team will continue to hold cabin theme activities in view of festivals and World Cup occasions, aiming to bring happy new in-flight experience to passengers. The “unaccompanied children” exclusive gift kit presentation service introduced last year received extensive praise, and it will be resumed this year. “Unaccompanied children” taking JuneYao Airlines’ Shanghai-departing flights can enjoy children’s meal in new menu, and receive exclusive gift kit.