Grand Orient’s Weixin World Cup
ReleaseDate: 2014-07-24

During the 2014 World Cup Brazil period, the Grand Orient Department Store’s Weixin platform aptly introduced “I love World Cup” theme activity. The activity followed the match schedule of World Cup to set up three stages of preliminary group match, elimination match and final evening; each stage includes “Guessing Guru Ranking” based on forecast of match outcome, and also “Hero Ranking” for anteing up scores based on Weixin points.

It has been learned that Weixin “I love World Cup” is another theme activity launched one month after the Grand Orient official Weixin platform went online. The activity received enthusiastic response from the large population of Weixin members, with a total of nearly 2,000 members participated in the activity. Many fans supporting their own preferred teams expressed their enthusiasm by joining the guess on Weixin, and their actions also encouraged their favored teams.