JuneYao Group Received 2 Billion MTN Quota
ReleaseDate: 2014-08-20

On July 23, JuneYao Group issued the first issuance of Medium Term Note of 2014. This issuance of MTN amount is 500 million yuan, with a term of 3 years, co-underwritten by the Bank of Communications Co., Ltd Shanghai Branch and the Bank of China Limited Shanghai Branch, in which Bank of Communications is the lead underwriter. This time, JuneYao Group received Medium Term Note registered quota of total amount RMB 2 billion yuan from the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (NAFMII), which signaled another big move in the Group’s direct financing attempt in the capital market since May 2012 when the Group obtained 1.5 billion yuan registered quota of RMB short-term financing bond in the NAFMII.

The issuance of 1.5 billion yuan short-term financing bond in 2012 marked JuneYao Group’s first financing attempt in the inter-bank capital market; after two years of development, the enterprise size has expanded, its risk resistance ability has improved, and in the capital market it further acquired acknowledgement and support from the large number of financial institutions and investors. The Group’s rating also reached AA standard. On such basis, JuneYao Group kicked off the issuance work of Medium Term Note, and received complete success. This move further expanded the Group’s financing channel, increased financing size, improved financing structure, reduced financing cost, and added new engine and momentum for the Group’s construction of “Century Enterprise”.

It has been learned that NAFMII is a common self-discipline organization for participants of inter-bank bond market, borrowing market, bill market, foreign exchange market and gold market. It is a national non-profit social organization legal person, and the association’s business supervisor unit is the People’s Bank of China. The NAFMII plays a crucial role in promoting market innovation and development, standardizing market behavior, safeguarding industry interest, and preventing market risk aspects; it is an indispensable key component in the country’s financial market management system.