Accurate Positioning, Differentiated Operation, Rational Deployment
ReleaseDate: 2014-09-18

On August 22, President of JuneYao Group Wang Junhao was invited to attend CBN “Managing China——Aroma of Wealth” high-end interview program, in which he shared the successful experience of JuneYao Group’s transition development dedicated to building century enterprise over the past 20 plus years with the audience in front of the TV screen. Wang Junhao gave more in-depth discussion on how the Group’s JuneYao Airlines coped with the current increasingly fierce market competition, grasped accurate positioning, and made rational deployment etc.

Speaking of the challenges and opportunities confronted by the aviation industry today, for instance problems such as high maintenance cost and low profit, Wang Junhao said that as an airline company adhering to differentiation operation strategy with positioning targeted at mid to high end customer groups, JuneYao Airlines had implemented many strategic matching in order to stabilize its market share, for instance JuneYao Airlines’ fleet is one of the youngest fleets in China and even in the global context, which becomes a core competitiveness in terms of hardware, meanwhile it put forward the corporate mission of becoming “globalized century enterprise in the modern service industry”, aiming to become strong and professional instead of simply growing bigger, this also perfectly interprets Wang Junhao’s business concept on “why should enterprises seek sustainable development? In fact it’s giving priority to ensuring long-term development.”

When mentioning the pattern in the domestic low-cost airline market participated by multiple competitors, the Jiuyuan Airlines which is affiliated to JuneYao Airlines has entered the stage of countdown to maiden flight, Wang Junhao also offered background info on base selection, advantage analysis, customer positioning, strategic deployment aspects for which the public showed concern.

It has been learned that “Managing China” is the first CEO senior executive interview program in China jointly hosted by China Business Network channel and world famous financial channel CNBC Asia Pacific, it first opened in 2004, and is broadcast through platforms of Ningxia Satellite TV, China Business Network, finance.eastday, CNBC, and Hong Kong NOW financial channel, with influence covering the globe. In each issue the program will invite a Chinese entrepreneur as guest, and launch interview on certain economic phenomenon, economic behavior, or operation views, aiming to display the interviewee’s positive mindset, prudent thoughts, sincere charisma and legendary anecdotes.

Wang Junhao was sharing experience and insight with the audience on TV.