JuneYao Group’s operation analysis meeting for the first half of the year was held in Shanghai
ReleaseDate: 2014-09-18

On August 5, JuneYao Group’s Half Year Operation Analysis Meeting opened in Shanghai, the meeting disclosed that in the first half of this year, operating income of the Group’s main business JuneYao Airlines grew by 15.85% compared with the same period last year, net profit grew by 61.92%; Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group’s operating income declined by 0.66% compared with the same period last year, net profit grew by 47.28%. Low cost airline Jiuyuan Airlines was making fast-paced pre-opening preparations in Guangzhou, and is scheduled to start operation in September; financial preparation is picking up speed in moving forward according to requirements. Real estate, food, and investment businesses also made new progress. Chairman Wang Junjin delivered speech after listening to reports and analyses from chief persons of all business units.

Wang Junjin said in the first half of this year, all business units overcame unfavorable market factors, increased efficiency and improved quality, and fulfilled the operation targets set up at the beginning of the year. Specifically speaking, considering the operation condition in the first half of the year, and analyzing work focus of the first half year, it could be summarized with two phrases. The first phrase is “Broadening source of income and quality improvement”, through strategic reshaping, through transition, and through Internet, it improved customer loyalty, and received some achievements. The second phrase is “Improving efficiency for assets”, including deployment of transition, optimizing balance sheet, lowering accounts receivables etc, in order to improve asset efficiency.

Regarding operation task for the whole year, Wang Junjin used one sentence as summary, namely unequivocal situation, and clear direction. He said, what we must do is to further implement the task of “efficiency increase and quality improvement”, and do it still better in the second half of the year, so as to deliver an answer sheet of steady growth and premium growth. To fulfill the whole year’s high quality growth target, first what we must overcome is the lack of Internet thinking approach, and insufficient IT overall ability. Consequently, properly implement ability construction is a task of top priority. The company’s existing resources must be properly used, achieve Internet orientation of the company as soon as possible, discover customer value through Internet, accomplish accurate marketing by revolving around customer behaviors, in particular transition of the service industry to Internet orientation is a task of top priority.

Secondly, organization transition must be in place, the landing ability of new models depends on people, and depends on people’s execution ability, our brains must be kept flexible, make sure to study customers’ habits, and partner merchants’ habits, consequently, to improve efficiency, first it’s necessary to ensure organization transition, mindset transition, and habit transition. Only in this way will it be possible to improve the ability of accurate handling, and improve capital efficiency. Capital turnover must be calculated each day and each hour, if the supervisor’s work focus is placed correctly, the overall asset efficiency will be improved. To make our asset efficiency higher than that of industry peers, we therefore must further optimize deployment, and tap potentials in efficiency, adjust asset efficiency to the best point, if this point is correctly handled it will bring improvement of quality and increase of efficiency.

Wang Junjin also put forward requirements on the real estate development progress of this year, and safe production of food and other businesses.

Group President Wang Juhao, along with Vice President, chief persons of business units, and chief persons of functional departments such as finance, audit, and HR attended the meeting.