Officials of the National Development and Reform Commission Surveyed the World Foreign Language Middle School
ReleaseDate: 2014-10-16

On the morning of September 16, Zhu Zhixin, Deputy Secretary of the Parry Leadership Group and Executive Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, led a delegation of 6 persons including Wang Wei, Director of the Department of Social Development, visited Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School (WFLMS) to inspect the operation of private schools.

The delegation of Zhu Zhixin first visited the Main Campus of WFLMS and inspected student class timetables and information classroom condition. In the ensuing report and discussion meeting, Principal Li Xiaoying reported basic school running conditions and main school running features of WFLMS, reviewed school history, summarized WFLMS development experience, freely talked about development learning, and depicted WFLMS development vision. When listening to the report, Zhu Zhixin asked questions by focusing on faculty team construction, source and engagement method of expatriate teachers, selection mechanism of school level officers, student composition and selection method, and destination of graduates at compulsory education stage of the WFLMS, Principal Li Xiaoying answered the questions one by one. She said WFLMS acquired robust growth under government support and private capital support, therefore, as a high quality school, and a famous premium private school, WFLMS has every reason to reward the society, output premium education concepts and teaching methods, properly handle entrusted management for other schools, and it is willing to undertake more and larger education responsibility and social responsibility.

During the discussion meeting, Executive Deputy Chairman of WFLMS Luo Peiming briefly introduced WFLMS practice to accomplish effective teacher training and management by fully bringing out private schools’ advantages in system and mechanism. By making reference to social benefits presented by WFLMS school running effect and custody, District Head of Xuhui District Bao Bingzhang introduced attempts and explorations in regional school running, collectivized school running, facts proved that brand chain operation, block development, and interflow of public and private school’s officials and faculty can effectively promote rapid growth of weak schools, so as to better and more extensively satisfy the public’s demand for high quality education resources.

Finally, Zhu Zhixin exchanged views with others on reform of college entrance exam, academic performance overall evaluation and load reduction issues. He said meaningfully that to build innovation-oriented country, and fulfill rejuvenation of the nation, the education sector still needs to deepen reform, it is necessary to fully bring out students’ imagination and creativity, it is hoped Shanghai will continue to provide new experience in the future exploration of education reform, it is hoped that WFLMS will continue to explore successful methods of private education, output premium resources, and promote overall enhancement of regional educational standard.

Director of Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission Yu Beihua, Deputy Director Zhang Sizheng, District Head of Xuhui District Bao Bingzhang, Deputy Director of Xuhui District Education Bureau Shen Jianhua accompanied the survey visit.

The delegation led by Zhu Zhixin (first right), Deputy Secretary of the Parry Leadership Group and Executive Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, inspected the campus accompanied by Li Xiaoying (second right), Principal of WFLMS.