Create Duplicable and Promotable “JuneYao Educator Award”
ReleaseDate: 2014-11-19

On the morning of October 16, the 4th Dujiangyan “JuneYao Educator Award” Outstanding Teacher Commendation Meeting was held at the Conference Room of Dujiangyan Education Bureau according to schedule. A total of 65 outstanding teachers from 5 schools in the jurisdiction of Dujiangyan Guankou Town were respectively awarded “JuneYao Management & Education Award” and “JuneYao Gardener Educator Award”. Cai Xinrong, Assistant to JuneYao Group Chairman, Zhou Min, Deputy General Manager of the Group’s Brand Department, Liu Jiaqiang, Deputy Director of Dujiangyan Municipal Education Bureau, and other officials issued certificates of honor and “JuneYao Educator Award” teacher award to the prize-winning teachers. In November this year, 32 outstanding management officers and teachers will visit Shanghai to participate in training and exchange.

At the prize-awarding ceremony, Cai Xinrong said this time he was entrusted by the Group’s Board of Directors and CPC Party Committee to come to attend the JuneYao Educator Award prize-awarding ceremony, first he would like to express the highest respect to all teachers who stick to teacher post. As a cell of the society, JuneYao Group set up “JuneYao Educator Award” in Dujiangyan jurisdiction with pair-up support from Shanghai City, it is also a real manifestation of JuneYao Group’s action in performing corporate social responsibility. Cai Xinrong briefly introduced JuneYao Group’s development in recent years in aviation transport, commercial retail, finance, and education sectors to meeting attendants. He hoped to summarize the successful experience of Dujiangyan “JuneYao Educator Award”, develop duplicable and promotable model, and looked forward to seeing both sides making more exchange and exploration in virtual school and online courses aspects by using high technology and internet means in education practice. Finally, Cai Xinrong delivered advice to prize-winning teachers, hoping them to have a sustainable healthy body, keep life-long study mindset, and continue to stick to the post to teach and cultivate the younger generation.

Liu Jiaqiang, Deputy Director of Dujiangyan Municipal Education Bureau, encouraged all the teachers with the “Four Haves” requirements for proposed by General Secretary of CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping, hoping them to “Have ideal and belief, have moral integrity, have solid knowledge, have loving heart”. Prize-winning teacher representative Teacher Hu Rong from Dingxin Xinjian Primary School said in her speech: After the disaster, with care and concern from the public, Dujiangyan understands more about thanks-giving, as a teacher one must get down to teaching, and concentrate on cultivating people.

It has been learned that JuneYao Group set up “JuneYao Educator Award” in Dujiangyan since 2011, it plans to invest 2 million yuan in 5 years to reward outstanding teachers within the jurisdiction of Dujiangyan Guankou Town. Up till now it has been held four times, a total of 282 teachers from 5 schools in the jurisdiction have received commendation, nearly one hundred persons have visited Shanghai Xuhui District to take part in exchange training and academic teaching research activities. It is expected that by 2015 when the project ends, about 50% of outstanding teachers in the total teacher faculty will receive “JuneYao Educator Award” teaching reward fund, and 25% of the total number of outstanding teachers will have the chance to go to Shanghai to take part in training and exchange.