Building up Physique, Enhancing Cohesion, Promoting Development
ReleaseDate: 2014-11-19

On October 18, the first Staff Sports Meeting of JuneYao Group (Shanghai) spanning over 3 months successfully ended in the Shanghai Foreign Language Middle School. In the fierce competition in 18 sub-divisions and 7 broad categories, the World Foreign Language Middle School Team, the Group Headquarters United Team, and the World Foreign Language Primary School Team respectively won Champion, first runner-up and second runner-up in total score. Yuan Jianguo, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Party Committee of Shanghai Municipal Social Affairs CPC Committee, Secretary of the Work Committee for Discipline Inspection, and Director of the Shanghai Municipal Social System Trade Union, Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group, along with executives of the Group and chief persons of all business divisions attended the opening ceremony of final competition held on that day and watched art and sports performances and matches of a number of competition events.

In the opening ceremony address, Wang Junjin emphasized that for JuneYao Group to build “Century Enterprise”, the foremost requirement is to develop a main body force that can support the enterprise’s long-term, healthy and sustainable development —— i.e. JuneYao employees’ strong physique and staunch willpower. This sports meeting is the first sports grand meeting since our Group was founded 23 years ago, it is a sports grand meeting for employees to increase mutual understanding, improve friendship, strengthen solidarity, and promote communication. In the future, not only in Shanghai area, JuneYao employees in Wuxi, Hubei, and Wenzhou who are engaged in different businesses must also actively participate in recreational activities, and organize such activities. 50% above employees must frequently participate in recreational activities, physical exercise, so as to make all JuneYao employees more united to develop cohesion, and present healthy and forward-looking positive image!

In his speech, Mr. Yuan Jianguo, who attended the opening ceremony on behalf of the superior CPC committee and trade union, said JuneYao Group’s move to hold this sports meeting marked a real practice of carrying forward socialist core values, it’s a key component of JuneYao Group’s corporate culture construction, it will help guarantee staff’s spiritual and cultural rights, and help promote and create harmonious enterprise labor relation, help better meet employees’ growing needs for spiritual culture, so as to fully reflect employees’ healthy spiritual outlook and JuneYao Group‘s corporate image, build a high-caliber operation management team and staff team, this time’s sports meeting will surely further enhance JuneYao Group’s cohesion, combat effectiveness and centripetal force.

It has been learned that this time’s sports meeting adopts the method of small contest, and big concentration method. The four participating teams of the Group Headquarters United Team, the JuneYao Airlines Team, the World Foreign Language Primary School Team, and the World Foreign Language Middle School Team, began preliminaries progressively in early July, a total of over 1500 employees took part in selection contest in each event, finally 230 athletes distinguished themselves, and respectively represented 4 teams to attend the finals scheduled on October 18.