JuneYao Group’s first batch of communist party member studios hangs out shingles
ReleaseDate: 2015-01-04

In mid November, JuneYao Group’s first batch of five party member studios respectively held shingle-hanging ceremonies. Party member studios put out shingles at grassroots level, they are “feature shingle” of all party branches to highlight bright spots, and also real practice foundation for representing effective combination between department key businesses and party member pioneer post.

Party member studio refers to the service platform with an individual party member at the core and adopting his or her name, which is supported by other party members (including activists) of the superior party branch, and committed to serving the enterprise, party members, and the mass as its main functions. During the creation process, the Group’s Party Committee organized in-depth survey, assessment and screening, and carefully selected five party member studios from among over 10 recommended grassroots candidates.

Chen Li, Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee, said at the shingle-hanging ceremony of the Flight Department’s General Party Branch Li Guokun Party Member (Teaching) Studio, the Group’s Party Committee attached high expectation to the first batch of party member studios, and he hoped the five studios would strictly follow the standard in execution, honor the commitment, improve service quality and level, bring out exemplary model and play popularization and duplication role. The Group’s Party Committee will offer organization support and expense guarantee to the party member studios, and party members with outstanding performance in the studios will be recommended with honor to the municipal government, district governments, and the Social Work Committees, in order to set up studio models.

It has been learned that the first batch of party member studios are respectively: Bage Party Member Studio (Group Headquarter’s Party Branch), Party Member Li Guokun (Teaching) Studio (General Party Branch of the Flight Department) , Jiaren Party Member Studio (Party Branch of Cabin/Quality Department), Junhua Party Member Studio (Party Branch of Meal Assembly Department), Shanlan Party Member Studio (Party Branch of Wuhan Junyang Demolition Company). Based on the guideline of “Hang out one whenever it is mature”, the second batch of party member studios will hang out shingles at the end of December 2014.