JuneYao Airlines’ Flight Dispatcher Xu Limei receives a prize of the first China Civil Aviation Contest
ReleaseDate: 2014-12-15

The Finals of the First China Civil Aviation Flight Dispatcher Post Occupational Skill Contest was recently held at the Civil Aviation University of China, and 120 outstanding candidates nationwide and delegation teams from 21 airline companies finally entered the final stage of individual and group finals. JuneYao Airlines delegation team successfully distinguished itself in the East China competition zone teeming with skillful candidates, and obtained the permission for the finals.

This Contest received high level of attentions and generous support from executives at all levels of JuneYao Airlines. The Transport Control Department took the initiative to set up a special task team, which studied detailed competition rules and the key points of exams , and drafted scientific training plans, aiming to provide guarantee for the exam preparation of contestants.

Individual competition finals include theory test, practice test and general test, in the end the candidates’ total scores would decide their ranks. With solid business foundation and outstanding individual comprehensive ability, the young flight dispatcher Xu Limei of JuneYao Airlines distinguished herself to rank among the Top 10 and finally obtained No. 8 title, which enables her to receive the “Individual Overall Third Prize of the First China Civil Aviation Flight Dispatcher Post Occupational Skill Contest” issued by the Organizing Committee of the Contest, and the “National Civil Aviation Outstanding Youth Post Expert” title awarded by the Department of Personnel and Education of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and the “Gold Medal Staff” title conferred by the Civil Aviation Workers' Trade Union of China National Committee.

The group competition finals include two stages of on-the-spot simulation operation control test and general knowledge competitive answer. The delegation team of JuneYao Airlines finally ranked 10th nationwide, and was awarded “Outstanding Organization Prize ” issued by the Organizing Committee.

Through this contest, flight dispatchers of JuneYao Airlines not only displayed their personal competency but also won honor for both the company and their departments. As the passion on the competition field fades, what remains is the initiative of conscientious study to improve business ability by flight dispatchers, and the collective sense of honor of the entire flight dispatcher team.