Jiuyuan Airlines formally starts operation on December 2
ReleaseDate: 2014-12-15

At a price as low as 9 yuan, one can buy a ticket of the flight from Guangzhou to Zhanjiang! In the afternoon of November 25, the news conference by Jiuyuan Airlines Co., Ltd was held ceremoniously at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, which formally announced that Jiuyuan Airlines would formally set sail on December 2. As the first low-cost airline company in Central and South China, the appearance of Jiuyuan Airlines will fill the void in the low-cost airline market in Central and South China.

From the announcement of setup preparation to the purchase of 50 Boeing aircrafts which recorded the largest single purchase in the history of China’s private airlines, Jiuyuan Airlines received extensive media attention from the moment of its setup. Jiuyuan Airlines will adopt Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport as its main operation base, and its flight network will radiate to the whole country with Guangzhou at the center, its mid- and long-term flight routes will basically cover a five-hour flight circle departing from Guangzhou, including East Asia, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, and South Asia, to become the first low-cost airline company in Central and South China.

On December 2, the first day of its operation, Jiuyuan Airlines will complete its maiden flight from Guangzhou to Zhanjiang, which marks the first time of flying this intra-province route by an airline company other than China Southern Airlines. What has attracted much public attention is that Jiuyuan Airlines will sell special flight tickets at a price of only 9 yuan. In other words, one only needs to pay 9 yuan to have a nonstop flight from Guangzhou to Zhanjiang, This price is unprecedented in the history of regular prices of domestic airline market. After the start of operation, Jiuyuan Airlines will introduce a series of low-price tickets of 9 yuan, 99 yuan, 199 yuan and 299 yuan . It is expected the overall ticket prices will be 20%-30% lower than the average price level in the industry.

It is widely known South China has a huge laborer and passenger market, but ticket prices of many airlines remain relatively high, there is a void of low cost aviation market as well as brisk demands. For Guangdong and even the entire Central and South China region, the formal kickoff of Jiuyuan Airlines means the entire civil aviation market will develop a new competition pattern, meanwhile it also implies passengers will be able to enjoy flight tickets at lower prices.

In addition to “low-price ticket”, “voluntary claim” and “real time compensation” are also key innovations of Jiuyuan Airlines. In order to change the existing situation of late compensation for flight delay and singular compensation term, Jiuyuan Airlines has joined hands with Sunet Insurance and for the first time introduced an innovative insurance product of “Accrued Flight Delay” in the aviation circle.

For the passengers buying “Accrued Flight Delay” insurance, when their flight of Jiuyuan Airlines is delayed for 2 hours, the system will automatically offer claim, with no need of passengers to prepare written claim documents. When the delay reaches 2 hours, there will be a compensation of 100 yuan in a real time manner; when the delay reaches 3 hours, the company will again offer 100 yuan of real-time compensation; when the delay reaches 4 hours, it will offer 200 yuan of real-time compensation; if the flight is delayed for more than 5 hours, the system will make a fourth real-time compensation, in this way a passenger can receive up to 500 yuan of compensation .

Jiuyuan Airlines, the first low-cost airline company in Central and South China, displays service sincerity with brand-new appearance.