Highlighting strategic industry deployment, and developing modern service industry
ReleaseDate: 2015-01-16

On December 2, a delegation led by Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin was invited to visit and investigate Guangzhou Development Zone. Chen Zhiying, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Guangzhou Development Zone, Sun Xiuqing, Deputy Director of the Management Committee, along with other municipal and district officials organized reception and carried out discussion with rich contents.

Director Chen Zhiying introduced the geographical location, policy advantages and existing investment environment of the Guangzhou Development Zone, meanwhile welcomed JuneYao Group to make further investment in Guangzhou; subsequently, Chairman Wang Junjin introduced to all attending officials the development of JuneYao Group in recent years. He said: “The year 2014 marks a crucial year for JuneYao Group. In the aviation transport industry, one of our traditional main businesses, we completed overall strategic deployment in East and South China. Jiuyuan Airlines invested and controlled by JuneYao Airlines successfully completed maiden flight on December 2 in Guangzhou, which further consolidated our determination and confidence to make investment and develop modern service industry in Guangzhou; meanwhile, JuneYao Group also made breakthrough in the deployment of financial business sector. In September this year the China Banking Regulatory Commission approved the setup of Huarui Bank in Shanghai with JuneYao Group as key initiator. Currently all preparation work is making steady progress. In the future JuneYao Group will explore along the strategic direction of developing modern service industry through financial business centering on Huarui Bank.”

Chairman Wang Junjin also indicated that, Guangzhou Development Zone was situated in the central area of Guangzhou, featuring beautiful environment, and verdant vegetation, which makes it a natural “Big Oxygen Bar”. Coupled with convenient transport and preferential policies, it boasts natural advantages for making investment; Windfind Information Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Group, recently was invited to join urban wireless internet access project in Guangdong Province, and will soon go to South China to start business, and Guangzhou Development Zone is the top choice for Windfind Company to settle in Guangdong.