Jiuyuan Airlines opened three major ticketing platforms
ReleaseDate: 2015-07-22

At 7: 36 a.m. on January 15, the Boeing 737-800 flight of Jiuyuan Airlines under flight code AQ1021 took off from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, it arrived at Harbin Taiping Airport at 12: 55 after a stopover at Wenzhou Longwan Airport. The ticket price as low as 9 yuan formally brought Guangzhou–Wenzhou–Harbin flight route to the “age of low cost”.


As the first low cost airline company in Central and South China, Jiuyuan Airlines is based in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. After Jiuyuan Airlines started ticket sale, the 9 yuan, 99 yuan and 199 yuan special price flight tickets released on successive rounds nearly sold out in “seconds”, which enabled passengers flying from Guangzhou to Wenzhou and Harbin to truly enjoy the pleasure of taking “airplane taxi”.


At 00:09 on January 10, after Jiuyuan Airlines opened three ticketing platforms: i.e. Jiuyuan Airlines mobile phone end APP, WeChat public platform and official website, to sell tickets to the public, the flight tickets were immediately snapped up, in which 9 yuan and 99 yuan flight tickets of Harbin-Wenzhou return section, and Harbin-Guangzhou return section literally sold out in “seconds” soon after being released.


Jiuyuan Airlines has started to sell tickets of Guangzhou to Harbin flight route, with a stopover in Wenzhou, it started operation on January 15, 2015, with one flight each day. It is worth noticing that the service contents provided by low cost airlines slightly differ from those of traditional airline companies, passengers buying special price tickets must pay special attention to the sales conditions and terms of Jiuyuan Airlines’ special price tickets: For instance if the passenger uses 9 yuan special price ticket, it will not include luggage consignment fee, and the weight of personal carry-on luggage cannot exceed 7 kg.


Furthermore, before the Spring Festival Travel Season arrives, Jiuyuan Airlines will also try to open multiple flight routes, which undoubtedly will provide more economical options to travelers of the Spring Festival Travel Season.