JuneYao Group was awarded “China CSR Outstanding Enterprise for 2014”
ReleaseDate: 2015-07-22

The 7th China CSR Summit was held at Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse on January 15.


Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group, was awarded “China CSR Outstanding Entrepreneur Prize for 2014” at the Summit, JuneYao Group was awarded “China CSR Outstanding Enterprise Prize for 2014”.


JuneYao Group actively acknowledges Guangcai spirit characterized by “emphasizing both justice and profit, with priority placed on justice”, for more than ten years consecutively it made investment in Three Gorges aid construction projects, implemented “10000 household dairy cow breeding program”, participated in the renovation of shanty area old town in the reservoir zone. In 2014 JuneYao Group set up “JuneYao Teaching Award” in Kashi, to reward rural bilingual teachers and vocational school teachers in Kashi, and connected teacher training plan. “JuneYao Teacher Award” teaching-rewarding fund project blossomed and landed in Xuhui in Shanghai, Dujiangyan in Sichuan, and Kashi in Xinjiang, JuneYao not only contributed investment, but also linked up resources, and built platform, in order to enable these social responsibility projects to be effectively implemented to radiate sustainable effect.


Initiated and sponsored by, the China CSR Summit has been held successively for six years, and received vigorous support from a number of ministries and commissions. Integrating expert discussion & audit, scientific data argumentation, extensive public participation, and media propaganda & supervision, the Summit has become the most influential high-end brand activity in Internet and social responsibility fields, attracted high level of concern from all social circles, it now enjoys widespread influence in the industry.