Grand Orient Department Store makes a good start in 2015
ReleaseDate: 2015-07-22

2015 is another challenging year for Grand Orient Department Store. Although the economy is in a downturn, new industries are posing a new round of challenges to the traditional industries, the operating cost continues to rise and consumers’ demand are constantly changing, the people of Grand Orient Department Store have maintained high morale, made full preparations and united to make a good start in 2015.



With a massive flow of people that Metro Line 1 and 2 bring, the headquarters of Grand Orient Department Store had offered one after another high-quality promotional activities including product promotion and cultural marketing at Christmas and New Year's Eve, etc. since December 2014, bringing the popularity of stores to a new level. With the Chinese New Year coming up, the store provided all kinds of surprises such as internal purchase activity for the staff, special quality products for banks and New Year Package Charge.


The store saw a popularity peak and high sales at the Valentine's Day on February 14. The sales of that day exceeded that obtained on the eve of the Lunar New Year of 2013, making all counter staff supremely confident.


Since the 27th of the twelfth lunar month, the Grand Orient Department Store’s parking lot had seen a steady car inflow from 10:30 am every day. All floors of the store are full of customers. The “growing-and-flat” phenomenon was seen in the store’s sales. The sales continued to grow from February 7, peaked at the Valentine's Day, and then steadily increased at a small rate during the traditional strong-sales period after the eve of the Lunar New Year due to the rainy weather and a growing number of travelers. The business department forecast the trend, so promotional activities such as recharges and discounts were moved forward to ensure the sales before and after the Valentine's Day could lay a solid foundation for the sales during the Spring Festival.


Watching a massive flow of people walking through the metro passage to the store, old staff sighed with emotion, “We haven’t seen this scene for a long time.” Grand Orient Department Store at Haimen achieved amazing sales revenue during the Spring Festival, up 24% than last year. Its sales revenue from early this year to February 25 rose by 15% than the same period of last year. Especially at the Valentine’s Day on February 14, the store at Haimen broke its single-day record that held for years, when the sales of luxury watches and jewelry accounted for half of the total sales. The effect of Valentine’s Day was also reflected on some brands favored by the young people. The third floor featuring sports, leisure and young lady categories after adjustment made a new historic record in sales, marking a new start for the Year of Sheep.