Air contributes to low-cost flights during the Spring Festival travel rush
ReleaseDate: 2015-07-22

9 Air introduced the third aircraft on February 16 and opened a low-cost Haikou-Nanjing-Harbin route on February 17. 9 Air’s two moves during the Spring Festival were warmly welcomed by passengers for its contribution to low-cost flights during the Spring Festival travel rush of 2015. 9 Air has opened two low-cost flights since its formal commercial operation from January 15, which have been favored by the market with an occupancy rate of over 90%.


On February 16, Boeing 737-800 aircraft with flight number B-1716 arrived at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and became the third aircraft of 9 Air. The aircraft's body was also painted with 9 Air’s iconic 9-color dots, but had a rose red tail, which was different from its previous two aircraft. The new aircraft will be put into operation during the Spring Festival travel rush.


On February 17, Flight AQ1039, operated by 9 Air, started from Haikou, stopped at Nanjing and arrived in Harbin, marking the formal opening of the Haikou-Nanjing-Harbin route. This route is 9 Air’s second low-cost route and offers seats at a price starting from 9 yuan, deeply favored by students, old people, working-class and people traveling at their own expense. The route sets ticket prices for the price-sensitive people. From February 17, cheap tickets of 9 yuan, 99 yuan and 199 yuan will be offered every day to benefit citizens in Haikou, Nanjing and Harbin. Apart from cheap tickets, the new route’s regular tickets are also much cheaper than those of the same class in the industry. Currently, 9 Air is primarily promoting mobile Internet direct-sale tickets on its mobile app, WeChat public account and official website.