JuneYao Airlines ready to contribute to the Spring Festival travel rush
ReleaseDate: 2015-07-22

To ensure a smooth flight of home-returning passengers and travellers during the Spring Festival travel rush, JuneYao Airlines’ 43rd new aircraft-its 7th A321 passenger aircraft-arrived in Shanghai on February 14. The company plans to introduce a new aircraft at the end of this April to provide sufficient capacity for its route network in 2015.


With the roar of the engine, JuneYao Airlines’ new member slowly drove to its position and its perfect debut was warmly welcomed by all. So far, JuneYao Airlines’ fleet is expanded to 34 A320 aircraft and 7 A321 aircraft. According to the company’s overall strategic layout, its fleet will be expanded to 50 aircraft by the end of 2015.


It’s reported that this new B-1647 aircraft will operate the third flight from Pudong, Shanghai to Changchun and the fourth flight from Pudong Shanghai to Bangkok during the Spring Festival travel rush. Meanwhile, it will travel between Shanghai and popular tourist cities such as Nanning, Beihai and Haikou for quite a long period in the future. Additionally, JuneYao Airlines will open a new international route from Pudong, Shanghai to Tokyo and travel routes from Pudong, Shanghai to Zhongwei, Guyuan and Lanzhou of Ningxia, Hanzhong of Shaanxi and from Hangzhou to Zhangjiajie before the autumn of 2015.


“Coming home safe” has always been the service philosophy of JuneYao Airlines. As the Spring Festival travel rush is related to thousands of households, JuneYao Airlines’ leaders at all levels always set good examples by working in the frontline and strictly implementing the 24-hour duty system and all staff perform their respective duties to contribute to the Spring Festival travel rush. With the introduction of new aircraft, the company will further focus on production safety, exquisite services and scientific management in 2015, the second year after the implementation of its HVC strategy, to provide more convenient, high-quality services for all passengers.