Wang Junjin: Continuously creating value for the society during transformation
ReleaseDate: 2015-07-22

JuneYao Group’s annual work conference was held at its Shanghai headquarters building on the afternoon of February 7, where its 7 industry divisions including JuneYao Airlines, 9 Air, Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group, Yichang Real Estate, Wuhan Real Estate, Huarui Bank and JuneYao Food and 3 business divisions including Shanghai World Foreign Language Education, Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School and Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School respectively made a work report of 2014 and a work plan for 2015. President Wang Junhao chaired the conference and delivered a speech and Chairman of the Board Wang Junjin made an annual work report. The conference unveiled JuneYao Group’s top 10 events of 2014 and commended the winners of “Excellent Staff”, “Excellent Team” and “Excellent Managers”, etc.


The report showed that in 2014, JuneYao Airlines saw constant growth in total revenue, completed a transport turnover of 12 trillion tonne-kilometers, up 11% than the same period of last year and shipped 8.16 million passengers, up 16% than the same period of last year.


Through tight-scheduled and challenging preparation and continuous efforts of the team in 2014, 9 Air made its debut on December 2, 2014 and was put into commercial operation on January 15, 2015, announcing to the people in Guangdong and in Middle and South China that another low-cost airline was born in China.


Although Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group faced a severe external economic environment and the emerging industries especially the rapid rise of e-commerce had a considerable impact on traditional industries in 2014, it seized the great business opportunity of metro construction in Wuxi, adjusted the internal operation model, maintained steady sales growth and was widely recognized by citizens.


Shanghai World Foreign Language Education, Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School and Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School undertook the social responsibility of providing the society with high-quality education. Shanghai World Foreign Language Education carried out the exploration and research on building a smart school with stability and characteristics.


The real estate division was ready and able to contribute. Yichang and Wuhan projects were carried out in strict accordance with the Group’s strategy and plan. In addition to promoting the Group’s corporate culture, the projects had integrated local cultural characteristics to constantly improve JuneYao brand’s competitiveness.


Huarui Bank was established in 2014 with the mission of building a distinctive smart bank through high-quality services and wisdom. It considers “integrity, stability, innovation and responsibility” as its values and aims at creating an eternal century-old Huarui, which is in line with the concept of century-old JuneYao.


With joint efforts of all staff in 2014, JuneYao Food saw steady sales growth and made some product adjustment, paving the way for its three-year plan.


President Wang Junhao shared his thoughts, asking everyone to often “compare” at work-to compare with similar private enterprises from a global perspective to see whether we are keeping up with the times and whether we are doing a leading job because only by comparison can we discover our weaknesses and places to be improved, thus we can maintain our passion and act as explorers of a century-old company.


Chairman of the Board Wang Junjin delivered a report with the theme of continuously creating value for the society during transformation. He pointed out that, our Group has many advantages, but every year we also have many priorities-practical things that can help improve our efficiency and increase sales. The ongoing increase in our efficiency after transformation stems from the fact that we continue to think about new things, learn from good things and review the things that need to be changed, which is our core vitality. He especially underscored that, a private enterprise must have a soul, vitality and efficiency value and that we must carry out old or new business based on the core value of our century-old company. We must feel fully confident about the economy in the new “normal” and we will be more and more confident, he added.


The conference was attended by leaders including the Group’s Director Wang Han, Party Secretary Chen Li, Vice Presidents Xu Biao, You Yongshi, Jiang Hailong and Gao Binghua, Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School’s Executive Vice Chairman Wang Xiaoping, Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group’s Vice Chairman Pan Xiaoyan, as well as over 100 staff including staff at the Group’s Headquarters, key staff of the schools, heads of some industry departments and excellent staff representatives.