Delegation led by Deputy Minister of MIIT Shang Bing inspected operation of Windfind Tech
ReleaseDate: 2015-07-22

In the afternoon of March 18, a delegation led by Shang Bing, Deputy Minister of MIIT, came to Shanghai Windfind Tech Co., Ltd (“Windfind Tech”) invested by JuneYao Group for survey inspection, Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin attended the meeting, delivered speech and explained JuneYao Group’s industrial deployment and the tenet of Windfind Tech in seeking benefit for residents, Deputy Minister Shang Bing fully acknowledged work by Windfind Tech and put forward higher requirements on how it should further create value for the society.


At the meeting, Chairman Wang Junjin first thanked the Party and the government, relevant departments for their concern and generosity toward the development of private enterprises in the Internet field, he said the chance given to private enterprises to participate in value added services in Internet field received benefit from further deepening of the Reform and Opening up of the government, and from new requirements for “Internet+” under the new normal. What Windfind Tech is doing aims to save money for the government, and save money for commoners, meanwhile our group also can do something beneficial, the spots we have deployed include schools, hospitals, railway stations and other public areas, in order to bring real benefit to residents, meanwhile it can also enable the government to grasp public info such as crowd density in a real time manner, so as to further provide big data support to relevant work by Shanghai in its construction of smart city.


When mentioning the industrial deployment of JuneYao Group, Chairman Wang Junjin said the Group now has aviation division, commercial retail division, and finance division, whereas Windfind Tech is a key link in the transition of our modern service industry, it also coincides with JuneYao Group’s tenet of creating value for the society.


Deputy Minister Shang Bing listened to Wang Junjin’s report, and carefully probed details about Windfind Tech’s spot deployment, he said, the explorations made by Windfind Tech were very beneficial for Internet construction, promoting consumption, and enhancing the modern Internet standard for the whole public, in the next step what needs attention is sustainable development issue, we must both insist on serving residents, and accomplishing profit-earning for enterprise, Deputy Minister Shang Bing was very optimistic about the prospects of Windfind Tech, he pointed out Windfind Tech must continually explore some new innovations, new attempts and new experience from the perspective of improving service, from the perspective of creating value for the society, and from the perspective of smart city construction.


Wen Kun, Director of the Department of Telecommunications Development of MIIT, Han Xia, Director of the Telecommunication Management Bureau of MIIT, Chen Jiezhong, Director of Shanghai Communications Administration, along with other officials accompanied the survey and attended the meeting.