Delegate Wang Junjin performed duty in the Third Session of the National People’s Congress
ReleaseDate: 2015-07-22

From March 5 to 15, Wang Junjin, delegate of the National People’s Congress and Chairman of JuneYao Group, attended the Third Session of the Twelfth National People’s Congress, earnestly performed duty, actively proposed suggestions, compiled and submitted 6 suggestions including “Suggestion on Accelerating the Development of Mixed Ownership Economy”, “Suggestion on Deepening Reform to Boost Construction of Smart City”, “Suggestion on Promoting Healthy Development of Internet Finance”, “Suggestion on Strengthening Poverty Relief Blood-creation Functions”, “Suggestion on Further Improving Real Estate Policy to Promote Sustainable Development of the Real Estate Industry”, “Suggestion on Reducing/Exempting or Postponing Personal Income Tax in Transferring Profit after Tax into Equity Capital by Natural Person Shareholders”, and participated in 8 proposals.


During the Session period, Delegate Wang Junjin listened to and reviewed the “Government Work Report’, “Work Report of the National People’s Congress”, work reports of the “Two Supremes” (Supreme People's Court and Supreme People's Procuratorate). Within these several days, after Delegate Wang Junjin repeatedly reviewed the “Government Work Report”, he further consolidated his belief in the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


During the Session period, following the arrangements made by superior organization, Delegate Wang Junjin respectively participated in the “Two Sessions” live broadcast room of and, and communicated with netizens online on relevant topics including “mixed ownership reform”, “strengthening poverty relief blood-creation functions”. Wang Junjin expressed the view that under the economic new normal, it is all the more imperative to speed up all reforms including mixed ownership economy reform. Private enterprises account for high percentage in all types of enterprises, effective mixed ownership reform can fully unleash the productivity in this percentage part, promote transition and upgrading of private economy. About the subject of poverty relief, Wang Junjin said, “From government departments to enterprises, from local commoners to public opinion, all related sides must make concerted efforts, and engage in poverty relief like eliminating illiteracy in the past.”


Wang Junjin also showed concern for Internet finance and put forward suggestions. “In order to propel healthy development of Internet finance, it is necessary to standardize practices, and it is required to unfold ‘whole coverage’ supervision model from three aspects of market access, market operation process, and market exit.”


According to statistics, over 50 mainstream media including Xinhua News Agency,, Economic Daily, China Business Times, Jiefang Daily,, published relevant reports on Delegate Wang Junjin’s participation in politics.