President Wang Junhao joined hands with members of Shanghai Cangnan Chamber of Commerce to look into investment activities at his hometown
ReleaseDate: 2015-07-22

On April 3, with winter chill lingering, Wang Junhao, President of JuneYao Group and President of the Shanghai Cangnan Chamber of Commerce, joined hands with Executive President Lin Shangjun, Li Rien, Lü Xinmin and others in the delegation on a visit to his hometown to inspect investment. Huang Rongding, County Chief of Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, Gao Yanan, Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee of the County level People’s Congress, Chen Guomiao, Deputy County Chief, along with other officials accompanied the delegation during the visit.


At the discussion meeting held at the conference room of the County Administrative Center, Wang Junhao said: “It feels good to be back home,” and he also said he was very interested in City Education Complex, and hoped to keep the information for further study. He explained that JuneYao Group does not wish to gain more resources at its hometown, but instead it wants to create benefits for the hometown.


County Chief Huang Rongding thanked entrepreneurs of the Shanghai Cangnan Chamber of Commerce for their retained love for the hometown, and attention paid to hometown construction. He said: “Whether we are government officials or entrepreneurs, or just people having our career away from our hometown, we must contribute and work hard for Cangnan’s development.”


The inspection delegation also inspected Xianghe Residential Quarters in Lingxi Town and Care Center for the Elderly in Zaoxi Town. At every place they visited, county officials would explain in details project development, planning, construction, and investment environment to the entrepreneurs. Members of the Chamber of Commerce were confident that Cangnan will be the municipal government’s choice as Wenzhou’s primary sub-center for its unique geographical location and high quality humanity environment.