President Wang Junhao attended the annual meeting of 2015 Chinese Green Company and delivered speech
ReleaseDate: 2015-07-22

The Annual Meeting of Chinese Green Company 2015 was recently held in Shenyang, this year’s subject was “Creator & Reformer: Create Business New Value”, President of JuneYao Group Wang Junhao attended the meting and delivered speech.


At the meeting, President Wang Junhao said, large number of Chinese consumers went to Japan for shopping, which triggered huge controversy in China, this is not the fault of consumers, in fact this is a pain spot of Chinese entrepreneurs, and also a shame, but at the same time it also promises an opportunity.


“Why do Chinese consumers go to Japan to buy goods, in my view this is partly due to significant expansion of market, and consumption upgrading, another reason is that there is no sense of shopping safety in China, consumers have no idea who is trustworthy, who is not trustworthy”, Wang Junhao said: “Chinese enterprises must transform credibility into mechanism, SME enterprise association can generate massive number of private organizations dedicated to enforcing credibility in China, the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee has clearly given authorization, in the past no one dares to do it, now everyone can do it, in this way we can let market mechanism become the decisive factor in resource allocation, fortunately now we have Internet +, which can better help Chinese trustworthy enterprises to organize an alliance, to enable grouped emergence, by adopting credibility as the tie, it is certain to win consumers’ support. ”


Wang Junhao said, in the age of today, people’s consumption has undergone tremendous changes, but during the change the process of cutting corners is very short, in the final step it will return to the essence of business. What is the essence of business? Firstly, one thing that never changes is “cost performance ratio”, as the age of Internet moves forward, it is easier for people to obtain the most inexpensive and best products at the lowest cost; secondly, customer experience decides the outcome of success, because now it is the age of consumption with heart, rather than consumption with eyes.


Hosted by Daonong Enterprise Institute and the “Green Companies” magazine, the annual meeting of Chinese Green Company is dedicated to promoting rational and long-term economic growth, each year more than 800 business leaders, prominent political elites, academic authoritative figures, NGO organization representatives and mainstream media people with forward vision and foremost reform capacity from worldwide will attend this meeting, the annual meeting of Chinese Green Company has been recognized as the most influential business forum in China’s sustainable economic development field.