Shanghai Huarui Bank formally opened
ReleaseDate: 2015-07-22

On the morning of May 23, Shanghai Huarui Bank held a ceremony for signing strategic cooperation agreement at the Lujiazui China Financial Information Center, signifying transition of trial operation to formal operation. As the first private bank in Shanghai adopting the vision of “Enduring Innovation, Century Huarui”, it strives to become a pacesetter of Free Trade financial reform. At the ceremony on May 23, Shanghai Huarui Bank signed “Agreement on All-round Strategic Cooperation for Serving Private Economy” with the Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, and established strategic cooperation relationship with a group of scientific innovation service organizations including Pudong New Area Intellectual Property Bureau, a group of consumption financial institutions represented by GNMAC-SAIC, a group of professional e-commerce organizations represented by, as well as a group of Internet and big data service companies represented by China Financial Computerization Corp and Megvii, build innovation-oriented financial service cooperation model. It has been learned that, by relying on geographical advantage of excellent financial eco environment, concentration of organizations, and developed market in Shanghai, Shanghai Huarui Bank has established intention of strategic cooperation with multiple financial institutions. Up till now, more than a dozen mainstream Chinese and foreign invested banks in Shanghai have kicked off interbank credit for Shanghai Huarui Bank, the first batch of line of credit topped RMB 10 billion yuan.


At the ceremony, Wang Junjin, Chairman of Shanghai JuneYao (Group) Co., Ltd, the main initiator and shareholder of Huarui Bank, said, against the background of constructing international financial center in Shanghai, building scientific and technological innovation center with global influence, and reform of the Free Trade Zone, Shanghai Huarui Bank would cherish strong sense of mission, sense of responsibility, and sense of urgency, eager to assume responsibility, take full advantage of reform dividend, and become a pacesetter for early and pilot implementation of financial reform in the Free Trade Zone.


After 3 months of trial operation in the early stage, Shanghai Huarui Bank established the strategic positioning of “serving small and micro public, serving technological innovation, and serving Free Trade reform”. According to Chairman Ling Tao, the “Three serve” reflects active practice of deepening financial reform as required by the state government, and promoting “public entrepreneurship, mass innovation”, meanwhile it also represents beneficial exploration in taking root in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, effectively bringing out self geographical advantage and competition advantage, focusing on segmented markets.


It has been learned that, during the trial operation period, this bank has handled the first “onshore guarantees for offshore loan” business under letter of guarantee for enterprise in the Free Trade Zone, it is revealed that this bank has kicked off R&D work on “FT Free Trade Zone Separate Accounting System” early this year, which is expected to be launched into production in the near future. Meanwhile, this bank specially set up “Scientific Innovation Financial Service Center”, actively cooperated with well-known VC organizations in Shanghai, jointly pushed forward exploration in investment-loan interlinked model, the first amount of 50 million yuan financing for scientific innovation oriented enterprise has successfully landed on May 5, by leveraging risk control measure combining both innovation and tradition, it custom-made exclusive financing plan for Shanghai cloud health “gene factory”.


In order to practice “attentive service” for small and micro enterprises, Shanghai Huarui Bank introduced “Three exemptions and three half reductions” preferential policy, namely exemption of all cost fees, exemption of account management fee, exemption of settlement handling fee, half reduction of bill acceptance handling fee, half reduction of bill collection fee, and half reduction of proxy inquiry fee.