JuneYao Airlines A share successfully marketed
ReleaseDate: 2015-07-22

The RMB common stock of Shanghai JuneYao Airlines Co., Ltd was marketed on My 27 at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, with stock abbreviation of “JuneYao Airlines”, stock code “603885”. The company’s RMB common stock has a total of 568 million shares, in which 68 million shares for IPO began trading on the day of the stock marketing. The issuing price was 11.18 yuan, after opening of trading on that day it immediately “skyrocketed to the ceiling in one second” at 16.10 yuan, up by 44.01%.


JuneYao Airlines started operation on September 25, 2006. Up till now it owns 43 brand-new Airbus A320 serial aircrafts, whose average service year is a little over 3 years, making it one of the youngest fleets worldwide. Through accurate market positioning and differentiated competition strategy, JuneYao Airlines came to occupy considerable market share in the Shanghai international aviation hub port, and enjoys superior word-of-mouth reputation and high acclaim among mid to high end official & business and tourism recreational customer groups. Based on medium-sized fleet and personnel conditions, the company formulated operation model that adopts Shanghai as main operation base, focused on aviation transport market radiating to the whole nation and neighboring countries from Shanghai, in order to concentrate advantageous resources to improve operation efficiency, meanwhile lower cost, and maximize performance on the basis of reasonable setup of flight route layout, meanwhile ensuring high level of aircraft utilization rate and occupancy rate. Since its inception, JuneYao Airlines followed its market positioning and cultivated the market painstakingly, departed from optimal cost structure and high efficiency operation, provided customers with premium services, dedicated to developing into a superior high value airline company, up till now it has accumulated deep customer foundation and established superb market image in relevant segmented markets.


JuneYao Airlines also actively expanded other segmented markets, in the first half of 2014 it set up Jiuyuan Airlines with controlling stake, with Guangzhou Baiyun Airport as base airport. By relying on the geographical advantages of Guangdong Province and Pearl River Delta area in terms of developed economy, active population flow, frequent travel needs, and close distance to Southeast Asia, it adheres to JuneYao Airlines’ established enterprise development concepts, including geographical advantage of the base airport, building a fleet of single aircraft model, aiming at specific target market, pursuing low cost operation, and ensuring safety guarantee; it actively developed low-cost aviation market, further enhanced JuneYao Airlines’ overall strength, boosted the company to accomplish total coverage in high, mid and low end passenger markets, and fulfilled the development strategy of dual-brand and dual-hub operation.