Wang Junhao was appointed as Honorary President of Hubei Province Enterprise Innovation Development Promotion Association
ReleaseDate: 2015-07-22

In June 26, the First Representative Assembly & Founding Meeting of Hubei Province Enterprise Innovation Development Promotion Association opened at Hongshan Hall in Wuhan, President of JuneYao Group Wang Junhao attended the Assembly in response to invitation and was appointed Honorary President.


At the meeting, Wang Junhao said: Enterprise innovation development “needs team innovation, administrators need to consider how to inspire team innovation ability, improve enterprise innovation ability, let enterprise become the main body at the forefront of science and technology innovation. It is necessary to borrow the strength of scholars, universities and institutes, and scientific research institutions, fulfill Industry-University-Research integration, transform innovation achievements into productivity. One very important point is that scholars’ innovation achievements must be aligned with corporate concept ,vision, and mission, only in this way will it be possible to better ensure Industry-University-Research integration. It is necessary to maintain a childlike heart, childlike heart is the gene of innovation.


“Entrepreneurs must cherish a childlike heart to develop enterprise”. Hubei Province Enterprise Innovation Development Promotion Association is set up in response to the call of “Public entrepreneurship, mass innovation”, aiming to summarize and explore development experience and problems of innovation enterprises and entrepreneurs, put forward policy-related suggestions, carry forward enterprise innovation spirit, encourage enterprises to pursue bold innovation, and seek development. Wang Junhao thanked the trust of Hubei Enteprise Innovation Promotion Association, and indicated to try his best to “contribute knowledge and wisdom” to Hubei enterprise innovation development.