Zhejiang Vice Governor Zheng Jiwei highly praised Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School
ReleaseDate: 2015-07-22

On June 12, a delegation led by Zheng Jiwei, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, visited Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School in Gongshu District, for a special subject survey of globalized education. Chen Hongying, Vice Mayor of Hangzhou, Yu Wenjuan, Deputy District Head of Gongshu District, and Zhang Yunlei, Director of Gongshu District Education Bureau, accompanied the survey. Chen Minxian, Schoolmaster of Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School, warmly received the survey delegation.


The delegation led by Zheng Jiwei first visited Bilingual Department, honor boards along the corridor, and display of all activity achievements etc. Zheng Jiwei walked slowly and read carefully, he turned and asked Schoolmaster Chen: “What kind of children does the school intend to cultivate?” which hit the school’s schooling concept directly, Schoolmaster Chen used the activity achievements of the foreigner teacher class to interpret the “Let students walk into the world, let the world walk into the school” concept of the World Foreign Language Primary School: i.e. starting from oneself, children will gradually understand the world, and walk into the world.


While walking around, the delegation led by Zheng Jiwei learned about the school’s faculty, student source, and schooling model, and fully acknowledged the school’s concept of emphasizing development of students’ overall quality. Entering the International Section, the open globalized education model of IB course immediately grabbed everyone’s attention, for the same subject of animal protection, Zheng Jiwei perceived the difference in teaching progress between two classes at one glance, and further proposed beyond-discipline subject course like planet sharing. Zheng Jiwei said, such course emphasizes cultivation of students’ thinking model, aiming to develop students into life-long learner with exploration ability, innovation thinking, and international vision.


Pottery Bar, Music Room, Fitness Room, plus 3D Printing Room, every classroom has its unique features. Students learn not only knowledge on books, but also acquire a kind of core quality beneficial for lifelong growth in practice and exploration. Looking at children immersed in happy learning, Zheng Jiwei said: “such a school is exactly the good school that parents need. ”


At the Hangzhou World Foreign Language School, diversified courses, teaching model combining Chinese and Western features, and meaningful education activity deeply impressed the survey officials. Before leaving, Zheng Jiwei highly praised the spirit of standing at the forefront of the age, and being bold in pioneering practice of the Hangzhou World Foreign Language Primary School, expressed the view that its concept and practice should be emulated and radiated, so as to boost the development of other schools.