Shanghai Huarui Bank sponsored Lujiazui Forum 2015
ReleaseDate: 2015-07-22

On June 26, three “Pujiang Evening Talk” sessions of the Lujiazui Forum 2015 was held concurrently, scholars and experts from all social circles together analyzed future trends of Chinese economy. Shanghai Huarui Bank, The first private bank in Shanghai, sponsored “Pujiang Evening Talk (1)” under the theme of “Internet Finance and Private Banks: Finance Supports SME Development and Promotes ‘Mass Entrepreneurship’”, Chairman of Huarui Bank Ling Tao attended the Forum as a speaking guest.



Speaking of why private banks should undertake the mission of serving the small and micro public, and provide service to “public entrepreneurship, mass innovation”, Ling Tao said: Firstly, small and micro public are basically private, whereas private banks also come from the private sector, therefore for the needs of small and micro public, especially financial needs, it has closer experience, and has better understanding, it has the ability to provide better financial services. Secondly, compared with existing banks, private bank has its own features, which are manifested in several aspects: Firstly, it has higher efficiency, and faster response in decision making compared with other existing banks; secondly, private bank is marketized bank, it assumes sole responsibility for profit and loss, and therefore has intrinsic motivation to seek innovation; thirdly, private bank is more attentive when doing business, now Red Ocean can be found everywhere in both the finance industry and the banking industry, it would be impossible for private bank to find Blue Ocean suitable for its survival and development in such settings if it does not offer attentive services.