Permanent persistence + Constant innovation: Entrepreneurship and innovation are forever on the go
ReleaseDate: 2015-07-22

Recently, as an entrepreneur with demonstrative and guiding role in the “Two New” organizations (new economic organization & new social organization), Chairman of the JuneYao Group Wang Junjin was invited to attend “Power of Spirit —— ‘Two New’ Organization Innovation & Entrepreneurship Grand Forum”, which was jointly hosted by Shanghai Social Affairs Committee (CPC) and Jiefang Daily. At the Forum, Wang Junjin delivered a keynote speech entitled “Possessing permanent persistence, adhere to constant innovation, entrepreneurship and innovation are forever on the go”, in which he revealed his journey of entrepreneurship and innovation.


In his speech, Chairman Wang Junjin said: “JuneYao Group proposed to become a century enterprise, in order to ensure continual development in a fiercely contested market, it requires permanent persistence, and constant innovation——‘permanent persistence' refers to mentality, it means enduring patience and focused attention; whereas ‘constant innovation' refers to continual innovation, that is keeping up with the times in innovation. In the past decade, our original intention remained unchanged, all our efforts are for the sake of one slogan, that is ‘creating value for the society, building a globalized enterprise in the modern service industry', this slogan epitomizes our corporate mission, it also represents outlook on value cherished by all our employees. ”


Wang Junjin also introduced JuneYao Group’s current industry deployment of all business divisions, he said: “One main business of JuneYao Group is JuneYao Airlines, on May 27 it was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the listing of JuneYao Airlines aims to lay down more solid foundation for contributing to the construction of Shanghai international hub port, JuneYao Airlines wants to become a company in the modern service industry, instead of merely a transport company, only by becoming a company in the modern service industry, adopting Internet application, can its value and added value be fully displayed. Furthermore, our traditional dairy business now also adopts service industry model to strive for innovation and transition in the direction of macro health food. Centering on the construction of Shanghai international financial center, in 2014, JuneYao Group was granted the qualification of opening the first batch of private banks in China, after 3 months of trial operation, last month Huarui Bank formally started business operation, our finance business division has initially taken shape.”


Speaking of the future, Wang Junjin said, “we must foster revolutionary thinking ability and leapforward development ability, and flex the muscle at some key nodes, take full advantage of the creativity typical of the private ownership system, use scientific thinking approach to improve our management ability, overall ability, innovation ability, thinking ability. These newly developed startup innovation projects further enrich the connotation of our modern service industry, all these are beneficial for the government, and for the common people, they can all create value for the society”. At the end of the speech, Wang Junjin said: “Nowadays, whenever I think of the value created by entrepreneurship and innovation, I will find myself overwhelmed with passion, as if there is inexhaustible energy, I will be always traveling on the road of entrepreneurship!”