The Municipal Bureau of Archives came to JuneYao Group to survey archive management work, making it the first Shanghai private enterprise to receive l
ReleaseDate: 2015-10-28

On September 11, Cheng Xiuming, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Archives, along with inspection personnel from the Policy & Law Section, the Business Guidance Section, and the Science and Education Section in addition to Wu Hao, Deputy Inspector of the Shanghai Municipal Social Work Committee, paid a visit to JuneYao Group with the aim of conducting law enforcement inspection and a survey of the Group’s archive management work. Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee Chen Li and General Manager of Administration & Enterprise Management Department Li Jianbin warmly received the inspection delegation and accompanied their inspection of the JuneYao Group Startup Exhibition Hall. The delegation then inspected the archive room and listened to reports by JuneYao Group on archive management.


The inspection delegation followed legal procedures to conduct the official authorized inspection, offering their opinion. Cheng Ciuming said that JuneYao Group demonstrated a strong awareness of archive management and had already developed preliminarily in terms of regulation standardization, facility equipment, and informatization. It is hoped they can further improve their archive management system, strengthen archive safety supervision, accelerate informatization progress, and strengthen team construction of archive personnel.