Wang Junhao accompanied Chairman of Hubei CPPCC to investigate Wenjin Academy and proposed to establish a Contemporary Confucian Merchants Research So
ReleaseDate: 2015-12-15

Recently, President of JuneYao Group Wang Junhao accompanied Hubei CPPCC Chairman Yang Song and his delegation to investigate and research the Wenjin Academy in Wuhan.

Wenjin Academy is located in Xinzhou district of Wuhan city and named after the classic story of Confucius and Zilu regarding making inquiries. When visiting Wenjin Academy, Wang Junhao pointed out, “Zigong is regarded as one of Confucius’ ten disciples. He was born into an influential merchant family and profoundly learned and understood the true meaning and essence of Confucianism. As he is the earliest ancestor of Confucian businessmen in China, why doesn’t Wenjin Academy have any ancestral hall or statue dedicated to him?” He suggested that the Academy carry on the tradition of Confucian businessmen culture and spirit by setting up an ancestral hall and statue of Zigong, and he proposed the creation of the Contemporary Confucian Businessmen Research Society.

Wang Junhao said, “Only with a foundation of Confucianism, a standard of integrity, and the pursuit of ‘rich and virtuous’ can successful businessmen enjoy the good reputation of ‘Confucian businessmen.’” Wang Junhao also stated that today, the revival of “Confucian businessmen” is playing a more and more important role in China. Confucian businessmen culture has become a platform for a dialogue and cooperation of civilizations around the world.

This proposal has attracted the high attention of the Hubei CPPCC, the Wenjin Cultural Development Association, and Xinzhou District, and is gradually being implemented. According to reports, an inaugural meeting of the Contemporary Confucian Businessmen Research Society will be held at Wenjin Academy in late December.