In response to the China Glory Society’s project called “JuneYao Education Award,” outstanding teachers in Kashgar were recognized.
ReleaseDate: 2015-12-15

On October 15th, the “2015 ‘JuneYao Education Award’ Ceremony for Outstanding Bilingual Rural Teachers and Outstanding Vocational School Teachers” was held at the Shache County Culture Center. The Shanghai counterparts provided assistance for the four counties of Shache, Zepu, Yecheng and Bachu in Xinjiang province’s Kashgar. The Kashgar Administrative Office Sub-commissioner Zumureti Wubuli, the Shanghai Municipal Xinjiang Assistance Department Deputy Director Yang Yuanfei, and JuneYao Group’s Assistant Chairman Cai Xinrong attended the ceremony.


This year’s “JuneYao Education Award” was given to 600 outstanding teachers from four counties in the Kashgar region, of which 170 were selected as the top 2015 Outstanding Bilingual Teachers and 30 were selected as Outstanding Vocational School Teachers. There were 350 people nominated for the Outstanding Bilingual Teacher award and 50 nominated for the Outstanding Vocational School Teacher award.


The Kashgar Administrative Office Sub-commissioner Zumureti Wubuli said, “Since the end of 2014, JuneYao Group has taken the lead in making donations to and supporting the education program in the Kashgar region, showing profound affection for education in the region and contributing to the region’s sound and sustainable development of education.”


JuneYao Group’s Assistant Chairman Cai Xinrong was commissioned by Chairman Wang Junjin to present the award. He expressed that this was a project of vital importance as education should be put first. Without education, there would be no development.


The “JuneYao Education Award” is a platform from which JuneYao Group supports and contributes to the education program. It has already been awarded to outstanding teachers in Shanghai Xuhui District and Sichuan Dujiangyan City.