Wang Junjin is reelected as Vice President of the China Glory Society
ReleaseDate: 2015-12-15

During October 19-20, the China Glory Society convened in Beijing for their fifth member congress & the 1st session of the 5th Commission. JuneYao Group’s Chairman Wang Junjin was reelected as the Vice President of the China Glory Society.


Wang Junjin is one of the five entrepreneurs to be reelected as the Vice President of the China Glory Society. For a long time, he has led JuneYao Group in establishing the corporate mission of “creating value for society, building a century-old business of international modern services.”, adhering to the China Glory Society’s spirit of “balancing justice and benefit, putting justice first.” In the process of transforming and guiding JuneYao Group into the modern service industry, he has always emphasized giving feedback to society and conscientiously fulfilled the corporate social responsibility by successively investing more than a billion yuan for the support of the projects of China Glory Society, accumulatively donating over 69 million yuan to public charity.


Speaking of the new developments of the China Glory Society, Wang Junjin indicated that first it is necessary to conform to the overall strategic deployment of central government, centered on the theme of eradicating poverty and achieving an all-round well-off society by 2020. Only by total mobilization, innovative models, and precise support can the China Glory Society have a greater effect and create value.