JuneYao Group signed an equity transfer agreement with Shanghai International Group regarding Aijian Group
ReleaseDate: 2015-12-15

A signing ceremony was held at 10:00 a.m. on September 30th in the signing room on the 8th floor of Shanghai International Group, in which Shanghai International Group transferred its 7.08% shares of Aijian Group to JuneYao Group. President of Shanghai International Group Shao Yaliang and President of JuneYao Group Wang Junhao signed the equity transfer agreement on behalf of their respective companies. Speeches were made by both Shanghai International Group’s Party Secretary and Chairman Shen Jun and JuneYao Group’s Chairman Wang Junjin.


This was another completed business transaction of Shanghai International Group, which was positioned to be a state-owned capital operating platform. Party Secretary and Chairman Shen Jun stated that as Shanghai International Group is developing its platform functions, it must incrementally invigorate the inventory, promoting the development of the invested companies. This agreement to transfer Aijian Group’s shares was an important measure to implement the central government and Shanghai Municipality’s opinions’ on state-owned enterprises reform. JuneYao Group is a powerful comprehensive local private enterprise, and both parties have a common vision of making contributions to the national economy. This marks a good start.


According to JuneYao Group’s Chairman Wang Junjin, on the one hand, the transfer of Aijian Group’s shares is beneficial for both the overall situation and the development strategy of Shanghai’s state-owned assets reform, on the other hand, it also benefits the further strengthening of Aijian Group. Aijian is the first privately run company in the true sense after the founding of the P.R.C. Aijian was founded by the pioneered entrepreneurs 36 years ago with the purpose of promoting a patriotic spirit of construction. With its growth until today, it has experienced many difficult trials and hardships. This transfer will return Aijian to a privately funded enterprise, better developing the advantages of private capital mechanism and further strengthening Aijian. By giving JuneYao Group this opportunity, we deeply feel this is an honorable mission with tremendous responsibility. We will definitely actively seize this opportunity to establish Aijian Group as a sound and sustainable century-old enterprise that creates value for society.


Shanghai Municipal Financial Service Office State-owned Assets Department Head Zhang Feng, Shanghai International Group Chairman of Board of Supervisors Zhang Hongguo, Vice-President Gu Jianzhong, Investment Director General Liu Ying, Operations Director Zhong Maojun, JuneYao Group’s Party Secretary Chen Li, Vice-President Jiang Hailong, and Assistant Chairman Hua Dong attended the signing ceremony.