The first batch of 5 private banks jointly announced development convention
ReleaseDate: 2015-12-17

On November 20, the Discussion Meeting for Development of Chinese Private Banks 2015 opened in Shanghai, relevant personnel of China Banking Regulatory Commission, Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau, Shenzhen Banking Regulatory Bureau, Tianjin Banking Regulatory, Zhejiang Banking Regulatory, along with chief persons of China’s first batch of 5 private banks Shenzhen WeBank, Shanghai Huarui Bank, Myshare Bank of Wenzhou, Tianjin Kincheng Bank, and Zhejiang Mybank attended this time’s discussion. This discussion meeting was organized by Shanghai Huarui Bank.


On the same day, 5 private banks signed and jointly promulgated “Development Convention for Chinese Private Banks” (“Convention”), the convention clarified contents such as basic principles, and applicable scope, and pointed out that private banks must, on the basis of law abidance and compliance and strict self discipline, closely revolve around the positioning of benefiting people’s livelihood, seek differentiated development and innovative services, actively establish industrial pattern of mutual benefit cooperation, and grouped development for private banks, promote private banks’ stable and compliant operation, so as to better serve the real economy.


At the discussion meeting, revolving around “Guiding Opinion on Promoting Development of Private Banks”, private banks and regulatory departments exchanged opinions on private banks’ development and supervision issues under the economic “New Normal”. 5 private banks communicated experience and shared info on operation condition and featured businesses, and explored inter-bank cooperation in multiple forms for private banks under the economic New Normal.