“JuneYao Teaching Award” boosted balance in education
ReleaseDate: 2015-12-17

On November 25, the 8th Academic Festival of Shanghai Xuhui education section formally opened. Under the theme of “based on standard, integrating research and training”, this year’s Academic Festival organized a number of forums, seminars and teaching research exhibition activities, in the hope of “lifting speed” to boost the growth of young teachers. Among teachers receiving the training, 27 came from public primary and middle school in Dujiangyan City in Sichuan, they were given the opportunity of coming to Shanghai for learning and exchange this time with support from the “JuneYao Teaching Award” Teaching-reward Fund project.


It has been learned that since 2005, JuneYao Group contributed 8 million yuan to set up “JuneYao Teaching Award” in Xuhui in Shanghai, Dujiangyan in Sichuan, and Kashi region in Xinjiang, benefiting over 1000 teachers from three places for exchange. Wherein, Dujiangyan “JuneYao Teaching Award” was set up in 2011, with a total investment of 2 million yuan spanning 5 years. Within 5 years, a total of 340 outstanding teachers in Dujiangyan have been awarded prizes, 156 persons visited Shanghai for learning experience with support from the teaching-reward fund.


Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group, attended the opening ceremony and received interview from journalists of Xinhua News Agency, Wang Junjin said: “It is the positive incentive role played by the ‘JuneYao Teaching Award’ to reward a teacher to boost enthusiasm of a group of teachers for teaching research and teaching activity, in the future we will also consider increasing the amount of teaching-reward fund and the scope of sponsorship, and enable it to radiate to the entire Dujiangyan region.” Wang Junjin also expressed the view that, enterprises should become a healthy cell of the society, for which it must assume social responsibilities, JuneYao Group in the future will contribute persistent efforts in boosting superior education resources to radiate to Central and Western China, innovating Internet finance to solve the financing difficulty of small & micro enterprises, and creating incubation center to serve the construction of Shanghai Scientific Innovation Center, and make valuable explorations.


Previously on November 5, Dujiangyan “JuneYao Teaching Award” outstanding teacher commendation meeting for 2015 opened ceremoniously at the Dujiangyan Municipal Education Bureau. Liu Jiaqiang, Deputy Director of Dujiangyan Municipal Education Bureau, Cai Xinrong, Assistant to Chairman of JuneYao Group, attended the commendation meeting. This time the “JuneYao Teaching Award” commended a total of 66 outstanding teachers and education administrators with remarkable performance in education and teaching in the administrative region of jurisdiction, meanwhile it also selected 27 teachers to take part in exchange, training and academic research activities at Shanghai Xuhui District Teachers' Further Education College, in the hope of bringing back advanced education concepts, and supporting development of local education undertakings. Xuhui District Teachers' Further Education College also “custom-made” this time’s exchange and training plan for teachers coming to Shanghai, based on trainees’ different needs, by listening to expert lectures, going into schools to take part in management work, watching teaching display activities, participating in real practices like teaching research activities, it helped trainees better understand education reform now under way in Shanghai, inspire trainees to contemplate and reflect on work at their own post, and integrate education & teaching concepts and practical strategies into future teaching practice after the training.


“Half of the teachers and school administrators leaving for exchange are youths, we hope their study in Shanghai can broaden their vision immediately, so that they can catch up with the pace of education reform in education and teaching concepts, approaches and evaluation methods.” Said Liu Jiaqiang, Deputy Director of Dujiangyan Municipal Education Bureau.


It has been learned that the 5-year long “JuneYao Teaching Award” teaching-reward fund project will come to an end after its conclusion this year, nevertheless, after learning Dujiangyan‘s urgent needs for faculty training, JuneYao Group and the Dujiangyan Municipal Education Bureau have initially reached consensus: In the future JuneYao Group will take advantage of high technology and Internet means of its subordinate, organize more exchange and exploration in virtual school, and online course aspects for balanced development of education in Dujiangyan.