Director of Ningxia United Front Work Department Ma Tingli inspected JuneYao Group
ReleaseDate: 2015-12-17

In the morning of November 19, during the visit to Shanghai for exchange of united front work by the Ningxia United Front Work Department Inspection Delegation, Ma Tingli, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Ningxia Hui Ethnic Minority Autonomous Region, and Director of the United Front Work Department, along with Deputy Managing Director Shen Fan led a dozen delegation members to come to JuneYao Group Headquarters for inspection and survey; after visiting JuneYao Group Entrepreneurship Exhibition Hall, the delegation held a discussion meeting with Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group, and President Wang Junhao. Yu Lijuan and Yan Jun, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Gao Kaiyun, Vice President of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, and other officials accompanied the activity.


Wang Junjin reported current development progress of all subsidiary industries of JuneYao Group, and focused on introducing aviation transportation, and financial service industries. He said JuneYao Airlines closely revolved around the construction of Shanghai hub port, while opening flight routes to major domestic and overseas cities, it also opened flight routes from Shanghai to cities in former revolutionary bases, minority-inhabited areas, frontier areas and poverty-stricken areas, which built a bridge in the air for local economic and social development; JuneYao Group is the chief initiator of Shanghai Huarui Bank, currently Shanghai Huarui Bank is actively exploring ways on how to solve “difficult financing, expensive financing” problem for small and micro enterprises by taking advantage of credit investigation and big data technologies, in the hope of finding a package of duplicatable model which will be valuable for the society; the Group’s World Foreign Language Primary School and World Foreign Language Middle School borrowed good education concepts worldwide, and explored a package of systems with own features in course development and management thinking; meanwhile, while gaining self development, the school also made some explorations in sharing premium education resources, and balanced education development, it took over several public schools in Shanghai for custody management, and made remarkable progress; meanwhile, Wang Junjin also briefly introduced the Group’s other industries.


Finally, Wang Junjin said, speaking of the reasons of JuneYao Group’s steady development, firstly it’s gratitude, we appreciate good policies of the Party and the government, secondly it’s confidence, for we believe Chinese economy can continue stable development in the New Normal, “enterprise is a cell, it can only grow healthily in China’s macro environment and soil of Reform and Opening up, therefore, all industrial deployment efforts of our group revolve around the mission of ‘creating value for the society, and building globalized century enterprise in the modern service industry’, after all, an enterprise can only create the market after it has created value for the society.”


After hearing work reports from Wang Junjin and Wang Junhao, Director Ma Tingli fully acknowledged JuneYao Group’s achievements and concepts in business startup and development over the past 20 years, “You two brothers are not tall in height, but high in standard, though medium in build, your ambition is big”. He said, the enterprise development concepts strongly reflected JuneYao Group’s broad vision, and the spirit for continual innovation and down-to-earth entrepreneurial attitude; as a private enterprise, the Group showed concern for the society and whole nation, which deeply moved and inspired us. It is hoped that after this inspection, JuneYao Group would, by taking into account its own industrial features, combining Ningxia’s advantages in natural tourism, economic and social resources, carry out future cooperation in flight route opening, technological development of new materials, and big data storage fields.


Yang Jinming, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department and Vice President of the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Ningxia Hui Ethnic Autonomous Region, Yang Zhiwen, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Socialist College, Director Wang Qingzhou of the Office of Shanghai Municipal United Front Work Department, Full-time Deputy Secretary Ren Fangfei of the Organ Party Committee of the United Front Work Department, Secretary Chen Li of the Party Committee of JuneYao Group, and Assistant to Chairman Cai Xingrong attended the discussion activity.