Big Thinking and Real Action, Consolidate the Foundation of Century Enterprise
ReleaseDate: 2016-03-16

 In 2015 JuneYao Group did several big things, it can be argued that this year is a year marking our re-setout and re-start. JuneYao Airlines was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Huarui Bank opened, the Group participated in state-owned asset reform and restructuring of AJ Group, Jiuyuan Airlines formally started operation in Guangzhou, JuneYao Creativity kicked off multiple-dimension cooperation with Disney China, and cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University in new material industrialization walked out the first step.

In 2015, JuneYao Airlines experienced several happy occasions, in which the biggest one is its listing on the mainboard of the Shanghai Stock Exchange; in December, its fleet size reached 50 aircrafts; in January 2016 the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved private placement of JuneYao Airlines amounting to 3.56 billion yuan. These successes can be attributed to our overall outlook on value and clear-cut development targets and strategies. The term Century JuneYao Airlines is not empty talk or stereotype, instead it needs big thinking and bold action, mechanism-based operation. Why JuneYao Airlines ranks top in punctuality rate, the reason is introduction of mechanism, it means making constant review, summary, discovery, improvement, and innovation, and using methodology to analyze and summarize.
Overall speaking, this year marks an extraordinary year for Jiuyuan Airlines. The most important thing is that we established clear-cut strategic target. As the first low-cost airline company in Central and South China, Jiuyuan Airlines must develop into a low-cost pioneer and innovation pioneer in China. In 2015, Jiuyuan Airlines’ low-cost model feature has initially taken shape, per seat/km cost is arguably the lowest in the industry. Whereas low-cost strategy conforms to China’s development, and conforms to China’s national conditions. Therefore, I’m very confident about Jiuyuan’s future. In 2016, Jiuyuan Airlines needs to diligently foster low-cost culture, take full advantage of methodology, focus on review and summary, strive for optimization and innovation, make improvement for the sake of efficiency, for the sake of revenue, and for the sake of brand, establish low-cost brand. It is necessary to set up mechanism for full operation management, and set up “Century Jiuyuan ” target, adopt big thinking and bold action.
Although Huarui Leasing was just founded in 2015, by relying on JuneYao Airlines, it boasts favorable objective and subjective factors for success, profit earning is no problem, and it is hoped it can give better performance.
Hangzhou World Foreign Language Primary School is the test field for the success of our “Walking out model”, To this end, several schoolmasters and employees have contributed plenty of efforts. Early on, we put forward Century Famous School planning for the World Foreign Language Primary School, up till now, Century Famous School is exactly the motivation to guide education development. It is exactly due to JuneYao’s culture of big thinking and bold action that brings about today’s World Foreign Language Primary School brand. For future education, we need systemization, informatization, intelligence, and synergy, we must continually use methodology to address inadequacies, adopt big thinking and real action, make constant review, summary, innovation, and exploration, carry out cooperation with outsiders.
Since its preparation, Huarui Bank finalized the key note as “Century Bank”, only by accomplishing Century Bank and Century JuneYao Airlines can we bring about Century Enterprise. Doing banking business requires it to be continually sustainable, steadfast and healthy, make use of new methods, and new technologies to make new progress, take full advantage of methodology to overtake rivals at the correct timing. For our Group’s bank which has just started, all internal resources must support our own bank, so as to develop synergy. This year, we also set up JuneYao’s own Internet financial eco platform, after the AJ project was completed, financial licenses in its own system are almost in place, in this way it can develop synergy. Another part is talent, this year, many talents newly joined our finance business division, and this is exactly the reason we JuneYao Group is able to develop increasing confidence.
JuneYao Food adopted light asset model of the modern service industry, boosted “Werdery” diet therapy family concept, its whole year performance doubled, new product “Six Nuts” recorded brisk production and sales, I feel very satisfied. Food must succeed by revolving around macro health, food is a big enough industry, I believe it will surely embrace brighter future.
The real estate project witnessed all-round kickoff, marking it a season of harvest for us. It is necessary to quicken the pace of acquiring industrial land, and grab quota.
This year JuneYao Creativity displayed its work achievements throughout the whole year. And Disney effect is long term, and this requires us to stick it out. Making empty talk is harmful to the nation, while doing practical jobs can help it thrive!
We must be bold to envision the future, be ambitious to become Century Enterprise. Big thinking, real action, take full advantage of methodology, review and summarize, optimize innovation, work in down-to-earth manner, this is the driving power behind JuneYao’s progress. So long as each of JuneYao business divisions adheres to long term sustainable development concept, adopts correct outlook on social value, makes persevering and consistent efforts, there is no problem for the enterprise to remain prosperous. It can be argued that our Century Enterprise is improving each year, and this is exactly due to the mechanism of foundation and cornerstone for us to continually consolidate the Century Enterprise.