JuneYao Group Convened Working Conference for 2015
ReleaseDate: 2016-03-16

 Wang Junjin: Big Thinking and Real Action, Consolidate the Foundation of Century Enterprise

Staff reporter Wang Xiaoying
In the afternoon of January 22, 2016, JuneYao Group Annual Working Conference opened at the JuneYao Airlines Business Building. Each unit respectively delivered key-note report on work in 2015 and work in 2016. Chairman Wang Junjin delivered keynote report. The annual conference unveiled “Top Ten Events of JuneYao Group 2015”, and commended 10 candidates of the 4th “JuneYao Group Century Enterprise Outstanding Constructors” and 5 “Outstanding Constructors Nomination Prize” receivers. President Wang Junhao presided over the conference.
According to the report, in 2015, JuneYao Airlines fulfilled 1.54 billion 10^4t·km of total transport turnover, up by 27% on Y-o-Y basis; passenger transport turnover was 9,953,700 person times, up by 22% on Y-o-Y basis. By the end of 2015, JuneYao Airlines owned 50 A320 series aircrafts, and opened 82 flight routes. On May 27, JuneYao Airlines formally started trading on the A-share marekt of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. In addition, JuneYao Airlines also put forward development vision of Ruyi Flying, and Century JuneYao Airlines, which coincides with the concept of Century JuneYao. Jiuyuan Airlines operated a total of 5 aircrafts in 2015, which reached 14 domestic flight spots, executed over 12000 flying hours, and transported 600,000 person times of passengers. Jiuyuan Airlines took full advantage of “9 Yuan” product name card, created whole-pathway online marketing platform, and ushered in featured marketing model of low-cost airline company. Established in 2015, Huarui Leasing formally started operation. It initially identified its positioning as a specialized leasing company focusing on aircraft leasing and integrating automobile finance, health & medicine, professional equipment, and government infrastructure.
Wuxi Commercial Mansion experienced a year of strategic transition, planning of development, and launched bold attacks in fierce market competition. It followed Internet thinking in deploying new industries, intensified efforts in building “Automobile post-market integrated service O2O platform” and “Sanfengqiao Food O2O integrated service platform”.
The year 2015 marks the starting year of Huarui Bank and Huarui Jinke. As foundation has top priority for Century Huarui, adhering to the policy of ongoing development, ongoing optimization, and ongoing adjustment, in this year of preparing for foundation, Huarui Bank basically achieved break-even. Huarui Jinke recorded rapid development since its inception. In June and July it respectively completed the first transaction of and the testing of Internet investment/financing platforms. In August, the financial service software of was awarded software copyright. In December, construction of the Group’s finance eco circle kicked off. It made its due contribution to creating Internet finance eco circle, and surveillance platform.
JuneYao’s food business division recorded rapid development, whole year performance doubled. On the road of bold brand transition, it further created “Werdery” brand, and introduced “Six Nuts” new product, which increased popularity and improved reputation of JuneYao.
By relying on superior education resources of the World Foreign Language Middle School & World Foreign Language Primary School and Internet information technology, Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School has become a leading international school in 850 days, on December 12, it formally received approval to establish expatriate children’s school, with two plaques for one school, which redoubled its strength. Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School created 6 word core values of fairness, openness, inclusiveness, gratitude, fortitude, and accountability. Meanwhile, its smart education took advantage of informatization means including the Internet, while serving the brick-and-mortar school, it is dedicated to creating superior online education platform. In 2015 it finished the early stage deployment of 1 architecture, 7 sub-systems, and 58 micro course videos.
In 2015, JuneYao Real Estate’s Shanghai Kangqiao Project and Wuhan Hanjiang Garden Phase III Project entered the first year of operation execution, the renovation project of Yichang’s biggest shanty town with land area of 580,000 sqm entered the actual construction stage. The implementation of these projects fully carried forward JuneYao’s culture of Century Enterprise, and created value for the society.
In January 2015, JuneYao Creativity formally signed agreement with Disney China, in June, it circulated China’s first Disney stamp; in December, it cooperated with Disney to introduce the global debut of new product Red Packet New Year Gold Package in Shanghai.
Chairman of the Group Wang Junjin delivered speech for the conference, first he extended warm congratulation to prize-receivers of Outstanding Constructors and Nomination Prize, and said that being a constructor of Century Enterprise must play long-term guiding role for the Group. Afterwards, he commented on work performances of each business division in 2015, he pointed out that difficulty is an effective drug accompanying enterprise growth, difficulty means motivation and ability for inspiring enterprise growth and persistent efforts. Whereas JuneYao Group must resort to big thinking and real action, take full advantage of methodology, review and summary, optimization and innovation, do things in down-to-earth manner, this is the momentum fueling JuneYao’s progress. So long as JuneYao’s each business division develops concept of long-term sustainable development, adheres to correct values, and contributes persistent practice, booming prosperity is within grasp. He said: “Next year will surely be better than this year, and this is exactly due to the mechanism of foundation and cornerstone for us to continually consolidate the Century Enterprise.”
Group President Wang Junhao requested staff to always remember JuneYao Group’s mission, convert it into habits in our behavior, develop team’s institutional mechanism, look for means instead of excuses, and become a constructor of Century Enterprise.
Group Director Wang Han, Party Secretary Chen Li, Vice President Hou Funing, Xu Biao, You Yongshi, Jiang Hailong, and Gao Binghua, Vice Chairman of World Foreign Language Primary School Wang Xiaoping, President of JuneYao Airlines Zhao Hongliang, Governor of Huarui Bank Zhu Tao, and President of Jiuyuan Airlines Ji Guangping attended the conference, staff of Group Headquarters, member of school leadership teams along with department chief persons of some industrial divisions and representatives of outstanding employees totaling 130 persons attended the conference.